Reverse Parking.

Comments   0   Date Arrow  July 3, 2008 at 7:03am   User  by Yuki Li

I’ve not written anything in here for a while, maybe I’ve been too busy, or maybe I don’t care about recording every little thing that goes through my head. If I did, it’d provide a shopping list of reasons why I shouldn’t be allowed to fly around in a ridiculous-million-ISK weapon.

It’s possible I’m just irritable right now, I’m tired after all. War is a tiring thing.

Yeah, bullshit, if that’s the case I’ve been tired for almost a month.

I would complain about a few of the losses we’ve suffered, but I suppose I shouldn’t have much to say on doing stupid things after what I did to Nagato while I was pulling her into Enaluri. How is it even possible to clip a part of the station like that? The entrance port is huge.

Whoever designed the jutting out bit that I gracefully scraped along my Fleet Stabber needs to be shot for designing something so ridiculous in the first place.

On the grander scale of things, Tibus Heth is a colossal idiot, President Foritain is a little girl and I don’t have any idea what the hell the Amarr and Minmatar are trying to prove to each other anymore.

What could have possessed this clown to go and start another war over a giant rock that’s sitting smack in the middle of Gallente space? If I ever meet him it’ll be a short introduction; Hello I’m Yuki gunshot gunshot gunshot Li from Omerta fucking gunshot Syndicate, start a war now you’re full of holes you cock sucker.

Maybe I’m being harsh, I’m sure he means for the best, and ultimately, his actions were the setup for our friend Mr. Gariushi having a Nyx mothership land on him, which has been the only up side to this entire grim affair.

Anyway, I’m going to go watch them put the rust (paint job?) back on the side of Nagato, so I’ll leave this here for now.


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