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I think I need to hire a new doctor. Talk about cheaping out on a real prescription like that.

Nothing seems to be killing these headaches though. These strange white spots that keep flying across my vision, can you say that’s fucking natural?
If they don’t disappear soon, I’m going to claw the eyes out of my skull and throw them at the nearest employee.

Probably Mort.
Yeah… Definitely Mort.

What happened to throwing me a box of drugs that I could at least wash down with an expensive Whisky?

No, Mr. Ryoko. Its stress related.
No, Mr. Ryoko. I can’t prescribe you stronger drugs.
No, Mr. Ryoko. Put the gun down.


Oh and I suppose talking to myself is going to make the headaches go away?
Excellent. Your years of training to become a serious player in the medical industry have really paid off, my dear sir.

End yourself.

I wanted to stab him in the face with that shiny letter opener he had on his desk.
At least the adrenaline would have enveloped the pain for a while.
Plus it would have been fun.

Writing journal entries really isn’t my thing, but you know that already, don’t you?

God, I need to get back out in space.
Then again, the headaches didn’t start until after we moved back to Airkio. Maybe it’s nostalgia of sorts. Reminding me of the old days.
The good old days.

I just need to be back in a ship.
I don’t know what it is, yet I do at the same time.

Just… that feeling, y’know?
The disconnect.

Leaving your body behind, with all its pains and aches, memories and scars and instead, your mind just soaks into the veins of the ship…
And you fly.

It’s almost a high in itself.

I think that’s enough alcohol for me tonight.
What time is it…

…5 AM…

I wonder if Li’s awake for a game of Curve ball.

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