an exerpt from Deks’ Journal prior to the CYI war….

Comments   0   Date Arrow  December 5, 2007 at 1:32pm   User  by Deks

He sat there watching his reflection in the large glass topped briefing table, war was firmly on his mind, and the recent events in Empire space were a million light-years away from the time spent out in the Fountain regions. The claustrophobic atmosphere in the station at ******** was almost unbearable. The red tape of war was currently delaying the start of the Cyrene campaign, an annoying development but nonetheless a time for him to take stock and run through his inventory before the unpredictable madness of war consumed him.

He swivelled around on his chair and tapped a blank interface panel on the wall behind him, it flickered to life and the green characters of the greeting screen requested his thumbprint and access code. He pressed his thumb against the panel, “confirmed”  it announced in a predictable female synth voice, he tapped in “****** ***” and she again confirmed its accuracy “Welcome Deks” he thought about the irony of that statement then carried on, tapping the ships and inventories button he reviewed the impressive array of vessels and equipment he had managed to salvage from the Fountain-lands, he scanned down the list muttering to himself “Raven, ********, *****, *****, Caracal, *****, ****, ****, ****, Kestrel” listed amongst the ships were the various modules and ammunition each would carry and fight with.

He looked up from the screen and out through the viewing portal on the other side of the room, his thoughts wandered ahead to the glory of the battles that lay ahead amongst the stars that sparkled so innocently in the dark sky and the genuine possibility that some of the people he had now come to call brothers may perish in the weeks that lay ahead.

He gathered his thoughts, then with a gruff bark, ordered the terminal to shut down before leaving the room with a last glance back at the stars…

…The War had begun

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