You Can’t Keep a Capsuleer Grounded

Comments   0   Date Arrow  September 21, 2007 at 4:12pm   User  by Kostantin Mort

The grounded order from my so-called ex-fractionist, blooder doctor has been successfully ignored for a couple of weeks now. I really do wish that she would stop trying to give me non-sensical and annoying orders. Although the prospect of a final death does indeed worry me, the mere thought of being strapped to my chair all day, without being able to be free to fly within the vastness of space, worries me even more. I risk everything by going within the pod, but the feelings of depression that I always seem to get once I step out of the capsule are probably more likely to kill me than some pirate or alliance blob deep within 0.0 space. The whole situation was complicated by the stupid meddling of our most esteemed leader, Director Li, who with her incessant worry over how useful I could be to her corp, decided that a second opinion was required. I can’t say how much I loathe that uncouth whore, but I’m sure that if I had the ability to use my limbs, I would probably strangle her if the opportunity presented itself.

As for the disease itself, I have heard my doctor say that the roots of the disease had been found and indeed, a small paper on my condition was released. Although not overly happy about my details being posted publicly, no mention of me was actually made and therefore there is little point to get angry about it. I am sure that with such progress, a permanent solution to my problem can be found and although my faith in the Lord to rid me of this curse has surely gone, my faith in the ways of medicine has certainly improved.

It is indeed lucky that sometimes I manage to talk to people within Omerta that at least seem coherent and even intelligent. Miss Aria Jenneth especially, which in the last few weeks has managed to make me realise a lot more about myself than I even knew. She sees the world for what it is and indeed is able to judge and assess situations without being blinded by her own set of beliefs and that is something that I quite admire in her. She has certainly managed to make me realise a few facts about my own beliefs that previously I had kept hidden, probably due to shame or idiocy within my part. It could be said to be an epiphany of sorts.

Another beacon of support has been a person that previously I would haven’t had second thoughts of killing. A terrorist, although I use the word more out of habit, called Mori Felding. She visits me often and although some of her views of capsuleer life are quite naive, she is starting to discover what it means to be within a pod and the brutal reality that encapsulates our world, if you will excuse the pun.

With the good also comes the bad, though. A blooder called Leon has been especially annoying lately. I’ll have to make sure that if I get a chance to find him in space, a little “accident” happens with him.

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