Working for the Devil

Comments   0   Date Arrow  June 24, 2007 at 2:03am   User  by Kostantin Mort

It is something to hate and despise your enemies, to think of them as the devil incarnate. We demonize them, for this way we can find it within us to gather the strength to destroy them. These demons come in many forms: anarchists, terrorists, heathens, heretics, blasphemers, traitors, all out to destroy the great Empire in order to fuel their own power, or their jealousy. They proclaim to be beyond the Lord, or above the Lord, while they wallow within their malice and wish only for destruction and murder. I have fought them for a long time now, a very long time, and for these long years, I always steeled myself and my heart to their pitiful words and blabbering. And for a while, I could ignore them, for even though I spoke to the heathens often, I could always go back to the spiritual safety of my home, rejoin the congregation of Brothers that would do everything to support me. There was always a bridge where I could retreat, return back from the land of the heathens and return to the safety of the Lord. But it is no more. I feel as though as I am lost in the land of the heathens, the bridge too far away to see. The heathens keep talking, keep telling their lies and although the fortress that protects my heart is still standing, the defences are slowly being chipped down, brick by brick. I finally managed to find the bridge once again a few days ago, a follow Sister extending a hand to help me find the way back, but as soon as I was in sight of it, the bridge collapsed in front of me, never to return. It was the very Sister that had tried to help me that destroyed it and I could feel the last sliver of hope vanishing.

Sister Laerise understands little of my condition, though, or the lengths I have gone to uphold the Lord. I do not believe that the Lord wishes me to die for no reason. I know that He would wish me to continue, to struggle on. Even if this is the fate that the Lord wishes for me, I see it as a test. The disease is a test, one destined to make me stronger and be able to do the Lord’s work. Even the fact that I joined heathens is a test, for in order to defeat them, I must be able to ignore their lies and heresies. And truly, there would be no better place to test me than this pit of heresy. Beneath the outer appearance, this corporation is a heaven for heretics of all kind: blood raiders, sansha, minmatar outcasts, the more the merrier. Despise is a word too weak for the feelings I have for them. I loathe them and despise them and if it wasn’t for my condition and the terms of my “contract” I would gladly choke every single one of them. I fail to understand why a Caldari corporation would allow such scum to work for them. Fortunately, except for medical examinations and tests, I have very little contact with any of them. The only time I meet them is in space and although I would relish the chance to lock and fire on them as soon as they undock, in my current situation it would probably be unwise.

It is my hope that soon they will be able to do something about my condition. I know that they have little love for me and I fully try to make them understand that the feeling is mutual. The sooner it is dealt with, the sooner I can return to fight for what I believe in. Even though the bridge has been burnt, I fully believe that another one can be built and so allow me to return to where I belong, within the Empire and with the Lord. This, of all, is my greatest wish and I can only pray to the Lord to be merciful and help me on my recovery.

For God and Empire,

Capt. Senior Grade Kostantin Mort, TES Incubus.

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