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Today we struck again. Not at all as big a blow as we dealt a year ago, but another fresh reminder nevertheless. The monetary value of those ships may have been pale compared to what we helped hijack in July 108, but listening to local made my blood boil. It felt good to open fire on those bastards.

I don’t feel homesick anymore, well, at least not for New Caldari. Perhaps I miss Saisio a little but things were much better there, even if I was the odd one out in a crowd. Home is now as far away from the State as possible, and I’m really starting to like it that way, even though closer lawless regions like Venal and Tenal hold a special place in my heart.

We’re making our own fortune now. Things are progressing very well.

I took Sayuri on a little vacation a few days ago. We talked about everything she’d been doing the past several months. She’s one extremely talented girl. I was worried about what I was doing to her before. Even though she wronged me, I don’t want to see her unhappy. She isn’t unhappy. She likes her position as lead pharmacologist and asked me to be a liasion between that division and the directorate. She convinced me that we’re going to make some major strides in drug development, and so the first thing I did after we got back was shift more resources to her division. The guys in Cybernetics are a bit cranky about it, but they haven’t yet shown me anything quite as promising as Sayuri’s development cycle (and of course I’ll give them their funding back after she makes her breakthrough and things settle down). But imagine that, basic research has been completed, and we’re actually on our way to production… I’m quite proud of her.

I’m quite proud of us.

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