What it means to be Caldari

Comments   0   Date Arrow  March 10, 2007 at 8:51am   User  by Kyoko Sakoda

I never knew. I thought I did, a few years ago. Back then everything was so much simpler. Regardless of Mother’s bitter concerns about my aspiration to become a pod pilot, I kept insisting that I knew my place in the State. (The State was more mother to me than Mother herself ever was.)

Ishukone gave me everything I needed. I didn’t think they could possibly be capable of evil.

The blast should have been some kind of indication. A warning. I didn’t understand at first, but in retrospect, when they told me it was Minmatar terrorists, I should have realized that facility wasn’t entirely right. I knew that they fought slavery. I knew they must have felt they had sufficient reason to send a missile into the building. Revenge is not a cause, only an effect - a perpetual cycle of fucking effects. I was probably too scarred by the event to realize that we were a meatshield for some ruthless plot further up the corporate ladder.

It isn’t about the barbarous acts they ordered us to commit, as much as I’ve come to find some sympathy for those who live in such bondage. It’s about us. We were loyal, and we were exploited.

Trust is a commodity. The CEP knows this all too well. But when did profits take precedent over citizen welfare?

I think Nooey got it. Learning from the outside must have made it eaiser. That’s why I’m sitting here, caffiene fueled for the past 24 hours, trying to figure out just what he meant. It’s been more than a year since we left home. It’s time to stop running. Somewhere between these lines of his I’ll find more than just a purpose, I’ll find a way.

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