Entry 003: Obituary

Comments   0   Date Arrow  March 4, 2007 at 2:40pm   User  by Mebrithiel Ju'wien

Immortality is ever more precious now one of us was proven all too mortal. The family mourns. I mourn.

Nooey was a great man. He inspired the best in every person he met. Yet I know that there was so much more he had left to give us pod-pilots. I remember first meeting him back in the Star Fraction when I was in the Glamour Bunnies. He displayed all the enthusiastic and supportive traits of someone who would always keep on giving to those around him. He became loved by all who knew him, including myself.

Times changed and I found myself in one of the greatest corporations to wreck havoc on the Empire and its allies, yet Nooey was still approachable while light years away. I felt a bond grow between us and an admiration that stopped just short of adolation. I still feel that bond now, despite our loss.

When I joined Omerta, I knew I had been allowed into a family that embraced some of the most liberal and tragic individuals to have graced the stars. More than a corporation, Omerta became a home and safe haven in which I could fix my shattered mind while supported by the best pilots the academies ever spat out. I felt my admiration for Nooey become love; one of those unrequited types, but I always hoped and prayed he’d notice one day.

Now that day will never happen and I’m glad for once of my own company. We both feel the loss of Nooey. I want to retreat and hide deep in the bowels of my ships or get lost in the Covenant stations - she wants to lose herself in the ample mindless slaughter of the Cluster War.

To finish my entry, I wrote a poem:

The darkened skies have blackened out

My longing eyes and weepy pout

My heart is lost and so is he

A triumph of death and insanity

Ring the bells and call the dirge

Bring down the hells to heavens’ purge

No longer will I rise and be

A triumph of death and insanity

He brought the light on desperate days

His willful fight in many ways

Still burns the dark inside of me

A triumph of death and insanity

The tears I shed draw blackened lines

Forever wed to warsome times

My guns and ships still fly free

A triumph to death and insanity

Goodbye Nooey. You’re still alive in our black heart.

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