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“The war.” We have become it. It’s all we ever seem to talk about now.

The sunken, tired eyes of my family meet me each day and ask the same questions. Endless repetitions of violence in a conflict that has no end in sight. Dulled senses, everything tastes flat and there is no colour in these stars.

Our determination, our loyalty, tested like never before.

Every victory seems meaningless, every defeat sparking a renewed desire to run hom.

Home. Where is that now…

It is as if each time we find one, things fall apart.

And what are we doing here? “Protecting our interests” is the corporate line, but with each passing day, with each violent death…as the lifeless, frozen corpses of millions batter against our ships and litter the wrecks of friend and foe alike…I find myself questioning it all. I find myself a million au’s away, in orbit over Orieku. Cloaked and silent, where no war can find me.

Everything rides on this for some, their whole identity. But for me, my family will always be my family - no war will ever change that. I wont let it.

As I watch our latest home burn down around us I can help but feel that we are doomed to repeat this till the end of our days.

So be it. There is no hope. There is no justice. There is no freedom from this.

There is just us, and this will never end.

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