Women, and the problems that come with them

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Audio Log Twelfth Day of Month Two, Year One-Oh-Nine. Time, Twelve-Twenty-Four Hours.
Commence Recording                                                                                                —-

I thought I was quite done with women;

Then Sieesa came.

I have no idea if it was yet another case of the random hand of fate slapping me in the face, but, damn the Maker, I wanted her.

Visiting her Archon-class carrier was pleasant. The place was a bit excessive in luxury, but you can’t blame someone for that sort of excess when she has given up so much more elsewhere.

Then we went to the Lunar Expanse. It was empty for a long, long time, and I thought I would share that place with her. Sitting alone in hot water, steam rising all around you and staring off into space and the cratered landscape is peaceful and pleasant for a while, but the loneliness starts to creep in, then the charm of the place begins fading off.

My cheek still burns from that kiss. And I still feel like some hawk’s talons pierced their way into my torso. I know it doesn’t mean anything on the surface to both of us, just me claiming my spoils from a silly victory on a silly game. But damn, what’s that woman up to?

I need to stop fucking procrastinating and try to ask Akahoshi about that procedure. I’ve been holding back on that thing for far too long.

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