Duels, new toys, and the doc’s.

Comments   0   Date Arrow  January 31, 2007 at 11:50pm   User  by IzzyChan

So the old guy dragged me out to the training grounds to make me spar with Yuki a while back, I was scared shitless. Jumped in a ‘Ranis and just hoped luck was on my side. The fight was a complete blur to me, all I kept thinking was keeping her the hell away from me, if one gun missed or if she managed to get to web me I would get blown to bits. In the end, I realized that I was still alive, barely, at less than half of my hull intact. I was completely shocked. It took me about a day to stop shaking from the duel, in fact, I think I’m still shaking from it.

I managed to swipe a good deal on an Ishkur this week. Ohmigod, it’s so rad. The bright green paint job, the modified engine racks, the extra slots and overall pimped out to the max gear. It’s like a punk’s dream come true. I’ve been just staring at it in the hangar lately, just mesmerized by the big hunk of green metal. I should finish fitting it up and go take it for a test drive through delve someday…with some buddies of course, don’t wanna get the ship blown up just yet.

I went to the Sansha labs for my monthly checkup the other day. Unit Zachary met me at the waypoint; he says he’s been assigned to keep watch over me like the old days. I don’t mind, he’s a cool guy. It was the usual at the doc’s…poke this, test the reflexes of that, basic compatibilities of the upgraded structural skeleton, minor tweaking and all that jazz. I think they drugged me up for a bit or something, cuz I’ve been feeling a bit groggy after I left…like something’s out of place or missing. Maybe I’m just being paranoid.
…I’m gonna go drool over my new Ishkur for the rest of the night now….Mmmm.

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