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Comments   0   Date Arrow  January 29, 2007 at 11:15pm   User  by Yuki Li

Today Delve seemed a deeper shade of blue. I hadn’t been awake long when the call came in - hostiles incoming, so i shook the sleep out of me and headed to my hangar. It felt good boarding the Crow “Problematique”. I missed her.

The firefight that ensued was nothing if not intense. It was small scale, it was two of us versus five, every single ship an Interceptor, with every race’s technology represented. This is the reason i’ve never piloted another race of Interceptor, why the hell would i settle for anything that isn’t a Crow?

The fight itself saw them lose two interceptors before they made a run for it, they lost all five and all five capsules before the hour was out - a point made, i hope. I can’t see them coming back in a hurry, anyway.

It’s nice to see i still have it, it’s been a while since i’ve faced something like that - I was a little concerned when one of our rookies nailed my rocket-Crow with a Taranis. The Sansha kid, no less.
Afterwards, i couldn’t help but wonder what all this is for. Funny thing is, i couldn’t answer. It doesn’t matter, i suppose, it’s not like me to question life’s hidden truths anyway, though i’ve had to deal with my own conscience before.

We’re free, bound only by the allegiences we’ve chosen. And that’s what freedom is, i suppose, choice. Point is, we’re free, and that’s all that matters to me anymore.

No eternal struggle, no fear, no relentlessly demanding messiah, no perpetual war.

We fight because that’s our trade, and we ply it defending Delve. It’s true we hold grudges to those who’ve wronged us, and they’ll be acted upon. Later. I guess that’ll do.

Heres to you, Ishukone. One day, you bastards.

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