Yeah, it’s gonna kill me.

Comments   0   Date Arrow  January 29, 2007 at 3:53pm   User  by Nooey

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Managed to drop by Vitrauze and see the olds. They seemed a bit more shaken up than usual when things like this happen. Probably getting as tired of it as I do at times. Things were typically lacklustre after a visit like that, it can be hard to overcome. I know they mean well though.

Back at F-T I couldn’t help but notice the new bright green Ishkur in Izzy’s hangar. Brought a grin to my face, but something of a sinking feeling too. Her confidence seems to have lifted a little since she faced down Yuki in the combat sims the old man had us running. That one was a surprise…

Picked up an Enyo off the Delve markets, some RA guy probably selling his remaining assets before getting the hell out. Going to run it for the first few times she takes the green machine out. I figure two Assault Frigates means there’s half a chance she wont be the one getting shot at. Maybe throw in some blasters and make sure I’m the one drawing the aggro…

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