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“This time, for real.”

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Those four words.
The world.
He took me into his office and told me things will be the same as last.
“Almost the same.”
Those three words.
We both know.
He said I have a few days, to think about it.
As if I ever stopped, I said, and thanked him.
He nodded, wiped a tear away, and as I closed the door […]

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“The war.” We have become it. It’s all we ever seem to talk about now.
The sunken, tired eyes of my family meet me each day and ask the same questions. Endless repetitions of violence in a conflict that has no end in sight. Dulled senses, everything tastes flat and there is no colour in these […]

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Women, and the problems that come with them

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Audio Log Twelfth Day of Month Two, Year One-Oh-Nine. Time, Twelve-Twenty-Four Hours.
Commence Recording                                                                                                —-
I thought I was quite done with women;
Then Sieesa came.
I have no idea if it was yet another case of the random hand of fate slapping me in the face, but, damn the Maker, I wanted her.
Visiting her Archon-class carrier was pleasant. […]

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