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Horatio Cain

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 9:50 pm    Post subject: A Friend in need....... Reply with quote

So, you may be wondering, what's Horatio been up to!? He's not been on lately? Well..heres a little story I've workin' on I thought I would share! Very Happy
It has alot of folks from Convergent, but don't worry, I'm sure I'll be mixin' it up with the Omerta crew in future stories! Very Happy


The euphoric rush was beginning to thin and the hard vibrations of life began to intrude making his head ache and his stomach clinch. He groggily opened his eyes and looked around the small sloppy apartment. It was dimly lit, but he had grown accustomed to the low light. He sat up gingerly and held his head in his hands and rocked back and forth as a wave of mild nausea rippled through him. He looked at the digital chronometer and saw he'd been out for a good five hours.

With the pain, the memories began to flood in as well. He had lost them. All the brave men who'd willingly signed on with him. Many were former slaves, who he'd personally rescued from Amarr space. They had been on their way to serve uncaring masters who viewed them as little more then livestock. He'd put his life on the line to free them and secure them a chance at a better life in the Republic or even the Federation, but some of the dumb bastards had insisted on serving in his crew instead of going on to live a better life. They idolized him, looked on him like some kind of mythological hero from the Brutor tribes' ancient past. Guilt now added to the cocktail of pain and queasiness he was feeling. He'd eaten it up. He liked the way they treated him, looked up to him. He let them serve on his Tempest. Then disaster, a CVA patrol caught him with his defenses down, alone trying to make it back to Unity, and it was over quickly after. All hands lost, except for him. He lived. He always lived.

He flew back to Hasateem, and told Tar Kovsky he needed a break. Some time to wind down, reassess things. Tar let him go without a fuss. He'd hoped he would call him out for a coward or a deserter and maybe make him pay for what he'd done. It didn't take long after arriving to bury himself in a stupor of alcohol, boosters and an obliging Thukker whore. One night of abandon, turned into a week, then turned into a month.

He was running low on cash. He'd spent it on renting a run down apartment on the station and keeping the steady stream of alcohol, boosters and whores running. He'd had to cut corners, and now he was just down to the boosters. He looked in the drawer of his nightstand. Just another trip to dull the pain and wash away the guilt. Empty. It was empty, just like his promises to his men of a life of excitement and the chance to free their brothers. Empty.

He wanted, no needed, another score. He heard himself think the word 'need'. He'd done it, now he wasn't just a killer anymore; he was an addict too to add to his illustrious achievements. He gathered himself up got dressed and groggily headed out. He was assaulted by the lights outside his ratty apartment and donned some shades to help dull the knifelike pain they caused in his head. He went to the club a few decks away. The Edge. A Thukker establishment run by a man named Raver Sal. Raver was a Thukker and a gangster, but he had the best stuff and had given him a nice line of credit for his reputation as an Ushra'Khan freedom fighter and a podder. He'd give him a little more.

He walked into the club and the bass of the music made his temples flare in pain to the rhythm. He walked towards the back of the club, not even paying attention to the naked gyrating women that danced on the stage. At the back of the main room was a large booth. Raver Sal was sitting there his long black hair framing an apathetic face. Two exotic Thukker beauties under each arm and a couple of openly armed heavies flanking them on the ends. He walked up to the table and took off the shades.

"Hey Sal, you think maybe I could get a fix?"

"Wanoah! How are you old friend....you look like shit man....you know...boosters aren't good for you," The Thukker gangster said, sending his people into peels of laughter though he didn't laugh or even so much as smile.

Wanoah laughed weakly, "Yeah...that's what they say, but anyways...I was wondering if you could hook me up?"

"For you my friend, no problem, what do you need?"

"You got some 'flood?"

"Always, the price however, has gone up a bit, but I'm sure you can afford it, you being such a big pod pilot, freedom fighter eh?"

"Uhm, yeah, well..you see, I'm good for it...I was wondering if you could get me a line of credit.."

"What? What the fuck did you just say? Fucking credit? You're into me now almost 10 million isk my man, and you want more fucking credit?" the laughing of his cohort ceased.

Wanoah stood there motionless, and awestruck, 10 million!? He'd only taken an advance on about 300K worth of stuff the last time he'd come for a score. He began to feel waves of heat wash over him.

"Look, right now you owe me 10 million isk, and the juice on that is going up every day, you understand you junkie motherfucker! You pay me 10 million in the next 24 hours, or it goes up to 100 million, and if you don't get me that by the end of the week, I make sure you disappear. You got clones right?" This started a new wave of laughter.

"What the fuck are you talking about man! I owe you 300 thousand, not 10 million," Wanoah slammed his hands on the table. The two heavies each rose up and closed in on both sides of the angry Minmatar, and grabbed him. They pushed his head roughly down on the table in front of Raver.

Raver leaned over, "You listen up and you listen good you mother fucking degenerate, you might be a big deal out there in space, but here, I make the rules, and if I say you owe me fucking 10 million, you owe me 10 fucking million. You got it?"

Wanoah sighed and suddenly felt hopelessness wash over him and add to his emotional hangover cocktail. He lay motionless and felt the two thugs release their grip on him and slowly prop him back up.

"Now get the hell outta here..."


Wanoah sat up for most of the night. His skin felt like it was crawling and he was covered in a cold sweat. No way he'd be able to sleep anyway with the withdrawal setting in. He cradled his head in his hands. He had no way to get the money. He couldn't contact the Ushra’Khan; they had a tenuous but peaceful relationship with the Thukker tribe, and couldn't do anything to jeopardize that, not on behalf of a single pilot. He called the one person he knew he could count on. An old friend.
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Horatio Cain

Joined: 11 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 9:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Horatio sat in his office located in the rear of his club The Rifter Hangar. He leaned back in his chair with a half empty glass of whisky in his hand and a picture of Aideen in his other. He’d been given an offer to sign up with the Omerta Syndicate. They’d give him a position as a combat pilot. Horatio hadn’t seen combat in a very long time, and to hear how things had changed since his days as pilot in Convergent, it sometimes made him feel old. He didn’t know if he still had ‘it’. He needed the money though. The Hangar was struggling and the bills were starting to pile up. He’d hope that his last arms deal with the insurgents from Syndicate would pay off, but it had been a set up and he was lucky to have gotten out alive.

Cain was thinking of his future, when he received the call that took him back into the past. His data pad buzzed with the incoming call. He set down Aideen’s picture and picked it up. The call was from Wanoah. That name brought a smile to his face. He hadn’t seen his old friend since he’d had a brief stint with the Ushra’Khan.

“Wan! How the hell are you old buddy!” Cain answered jovially.

“….hey, Horatio….I’ve been better....”

The smile left Cain’s face, his friend didn’t sound well at all, “What’s up man, you don’t sound good?”

“Yeah…got myself into a tight spot, and….I’ve been hitting the boosters a bit hard this last month or so,” the Brutor man continued, “Look….I don’t know what to do, I owe this Thukker gangster 10 million, in the next 6 hours, or it goes up to 100 million by the end of the week, and if he doesn’t get that, I’m a dead man….I mean permanently…”

“I’m on it,” Cain said. A steely calm had entered his voice. His face tightened, and his eyes narrowed. His friend, one of his oldest and best friends was in trouble. That was all there was to it. He wasn’t a great pilot, he wasn’t the most successful businessman, but when it came to his friends, he’d die before he’d let them down.

“…hey man, I know it’s putting you on the spot and all, but …”

“Like I said, I’m on it,” a smile began to creep across Cain’s face again, “you’d do the same for me, and besides, I owe you one.”

A look of relief passed over the Brutor’s troubled face, “Thanks Horatio.”

“I know I’m not going to be able to make before the first deadline, and I’m not sitting well for cash either, but I’ll make some calls and get the money we need before the end of the week. Just download the details to my data pad, and I’ll see you in a couple days.”

“Sure thing Horatio,” Wan nodded.
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Horatio Cain

Joined: 11 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 9:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Horatio whistled a tune calmly as he made his approach to the Thukker Mix corporate Station in his shuttle. It was a nice change of pace to actually 'pilot' a ship as opposed to operating a vessel from the pod. Something about the feel of old fashioned manual control. Once the tractor beam pulled him into the hangar, he checked his chronometer to verify the time and make sure he was on schedule. He stood up and approached the landing ramp and waited for the green clearence light to activate signifying he was safe to debark.

"Here goes nothing..." he whispered to himself and opened the door when the light turned green.

He stepped off the ship and entered the hangar. Five men stood around, four of whom were brandishing assault weapons. One of them, a Thukker with long black hair and a pair of impentrable shades over his eyes stood in the center. Horatio was sure there were plenty more here as well he couldn't see, which is why he didn't bother bringing his own pistol.

Horatio gave his best smile and walked jovially forward to meet the man named Raver Sal. As he approached two of the thugs immediately rushed to intercept him. Cain threw his arms up in the air and smiled as innocently as he could, as they began to pat him down.

"He's clean," a rough looking goon with a submachine slugger said to his boss.

"Hey there, Mr. Sal is it?"

"Raver Sal, you Horatio Cain?"

"The one and only, you've heard of me then?"

"No...our mutual friend said you were coming...with the money....funny though....you don't seem to have it with you."

Horatio chuckled weakly, "Yeah, funny thing about that...I um, well, you know it's tough out there, even for us podders."

"I'm not laughing, you better come up with the money, and I mean now, or else you're going to have it alot tougher, you get my meaning, friend?"

"Hey..hey now, don't be so hasty there pal, I've got something that's even more valuable then money, information."

"Okay, I'm listening."

"Alright, well, I have it on good authority, that there is going to be a large supply of slaves being moved through this system by the Golden Fleet, I can provide you with a time and a place, now how much would that be worth to you!?"

Raver Sal stood for a moment without speaking at all then he shook his head, "How about nothing you idiot, for crying out loud, we supply them with a good portion of their slaves, how do you think we manage to operate in Empire space?" Sal nodded to his thugs and they closed in on Horatio.

Cain rolled his eyes, and prepared for ineveitable beating. The one who had patted him down came at him, he dodged to the left, grabbed him by the neck and kneed him the stomach sending him sprawling to the ground. Another one came up behind him and just caught him with his rifle butt and sent Horatio whirling away, he turned just in time and furiously punched him in the nose and was greeted by a satisfying crunch as it broke his nose. The two others were able to get behind him and grab his arms, and broken nose turned on him and punched him full on in the face splitting his lip. Cain tried to break free but they had him now. The one on he had kneed stood back up and came forward and kicked him in the midsection. Horatio felt one of his ribs pop, and he just went limp from the pain. They began to take turns beating on him until finally he was drowned by a wave of blackness.


Horatio finally came too. One of his eyes was swollen shut but with his other eye he could discern he was in a dimly lit room. He heard what sounded like muffled music and he assumed he was in the back of some club or bar. He was restrained to a chair. He looked over to his side and saw Wanoah, in much the same condition also restrained to a chair, glaring at him with no small amount of dissapointment. Sitting in front of them behind a desk and lounging back smoking a cigar was Raver Sal.

"Hey Horatio...thinks for getting me out of this mess," Wanoah said in an annoyed tone to his friend.

"...oh, hey Wan, yeah, things didn't work out exactly the way I had planned," the Caldari smiled then winced at the pain from his busted lip.

"Yeah, just like old times...."

"Shut up you two," Sal interjected,"The way I figure it, having two podders is more valuable then having one, so, the price has just gone up to 200 million, and I hope you have someone you can call to put up the money or else it's bye bye."

Cain sat for a moment and tried to look thoughtful as he considered Sal's ultimatum,"Hmm....lets see....um....nope, sorry chief, can't think of a single person who'd want to pay to see me go free, you got any other ideas Wan?"

Wanoah's face dropped in utter disbelief at his friend, then he looked desperatly at Sal, then back at Horatio,"Hey, did I say I know this guy? I was lying, look, just talk to the Ushra'Khan, they'll pay for my release...."

"Shut it......Ushra'Khan eh? Yeah, maybe I will give them a call....but your friend here, he ain't worth a warm squirt of piss to me if he doesn't really start thinking...."

Just then, the door to the office opened. Broken nose,it was now roughly taped up, entered with the rough looking thug Cain had kneed in the hangar.

"Boss, somene here to see you, says he is interested in purchasing something you got, he looks legit."

"Alright, show him in."

A Civire man wearing a black t-shirt and fatigues entered, he was carrying a pistol and had a rough look about him, accompanied by a silvery haired Intaki, wearing a white suit, with a clearly prominent bulge of a sidearm under the coat. They stepped aside as a third man, another Intaki entered the room. He was immaculatly dressed in a suit and had a martini chilling in one hand. He calmly walked into Sal's office.

"Ah, Raver Sal, I'm interested in purchasing something from you, namely the hides of one Wanoah, and Horatio Cain whom it's come to my attention are....oh, well look what we have here! I've been looking for these two for quite some time, and I'd be willing to pay you 500 million, so that I may settle my score with them!" The last he said in a menacing tone.

Wanoah looked at the man in the doorway. A look of shocked amazement crossed his face and he shot a questioning look at Horatio. Horatio just shrugged.
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Horatio Cain

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The Intaki man nodded to his two escorts as he entered the room completely. Sal motioned for him to sit down in an empty chair. He checked the seat in a cursory fashion as if to check it to make sure it wouldn't stain his fine suit. He sat down and took a sip of his martini again before looking at Sal with a smile.

Sal looked him over and then nodded, "So 500 million eh? That's alot of money for these two worthless creeps, why would you drop that kind of dough on them?"

"Well, lets just say thats between me and them, no offense Raver Sal, is it?" the Thukker nodded.

"Fair enough, but who the hell are you?"

"My name is Gamma Garone."

"Never heard of you."

"Well, I find that anonymity is an advantage in my line of work, I imagine you have a similar opinion?"

Sal nodded and smiled a bit,"Well, okay then, lets see the money."

Garone nodded to the white haired Intaki who produced a certified kred stick from his coat, carefully as to not alarm Sal or his men and stepped forward to present it to the Thukker gangster.

"It's all there, however, it pays to be safe in this business, so, once my property is released and we have left the club and are safely on our way to the hangar where my ship is located, I will give you the pin number that will allow you to transfer the funds into your account. Agreed?"

"What kind of bullshit is this!?" Sal said angrily.

Gamma sat, keeping his poker face as he took another sip of his martini, "That's fine, just give my associate Lucius the kred stick back and we'll be on our way. I imagine, you are going to kill these two anyway, and though I'll miss the pleasure of having my way with them, it will cost me nothing...."

Gamma had called his bluff and Sal nodded reluctantly, "fine....you will give me the pin number once you leave the club and have arrived on the Hangar deck."

"As I said, yes."

Sal nodded and his two thugs unfastened the restraints on Wanoah and Horatio and roughly lifted them to their feet, and pushed them toward the Intaki's associates, who each grabbed one roughly by the arm.

"Easy sport!" Horatio said to the white haired Intaki, called Lucius, who ignored his complaint with an icy stare.

Garone stood up and turned to leave the room, "I knew you could be reasonable Raver Sal, gentlemen, shall we go, I'm sure Raver Sal has enjoyed your company for long enough."

Gamma, and the other four men, left the club and made their way to the central lift that would take them to the hangar.

"What the hell is going on Gamma, what are you doing here?" Wanoah asked a smile of relief finally coming to his face as he left the club and the watchful eyes of Sal and his men.

Gamma looked around to make sure that no one was watching, "Horatio said you had gotten yourself into trouble...again, so I thought I'd lend a hand. Though it has been a terrible pain. I had intended to have a quiet and peaceful retirement, but I suppose that's a fantasy having the likes of you two scoundrels as friends."

Horatio smirked then looked down at his arm to see the white haired Intaki was still holding him, "You can let go now, L.T."

Lucius Tyndale gave a crooked smile and playfully shoved Horatio away, "Always bailin' you out Cain.....I should get a bonus for that."

"Fid, you disabled the tractor fail safes in the hangar didn't you?" Horatio asked looking at the Civire man.

"Yeah, we should have clear sailing out of the hangar."

Wanoah, couldn't help but smile again to see this had all been part of the plan, and to see his old corpmates again, "Horatio...thanks, man I appreciate it."

" 'Hey did I say I know this guy? I was lying' " Horatio said quoting the Minmatar jokingly, "Gee, you actually thought I didn't have this all planned out?"

They all allowed themselves a laugh as they climbed into the lift.

"We're not out of the woods yet though, Gamma is going to give him the pin, when we get to the hangar, and he'll know 'cause he'll be monitoring us again, that's when Gamma is going to give him the pin, but instead of Sal getting his money, he's going to get a nasty virus on his Neocomm, and that's gonna give us only a few minutes to hurry to the Gamma's ship and get the hell out of here," Horatio said illustrating the plan.

"Well, it sounds like you thought of everything....but why is it then, that I'm still not feeling totally safe yet?"

"What could go wrong?" Horatio said as they stepped off the lift.

Gamma's Neocomm buzzed. It was Sal.

"Raver Sal, the pin is 423342. Enjoy your new found wealth."

Raver's image nodded on the neocomm as he entered it. Gamma and his entourage made their way quickly to the main gate that led to the berthing that held his ship. A long corridor that ended at a security door.

Suddenly Raver's face became contorted in anger, "What the fuck!" then dissappeared.

Gamma rushed to the security door and hit the open button. Nothing happened. He hit the button again, and still the door seemed to be jammed. His face dropped and he rolled his eyes as he looked over at Horatio.

Wanoah looked over at Horatio as well and pointed at the door, "What could go wrong...how about this?"
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Horatio Cain

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Part V

Cain shrugged and looked at Wanoah incredulously. An alarm Klakon sounded and the Civre pilot who went by the name Fiddlestx, Fid for short to his friends, pulled out his portable bypass kit and immediately went to work trying to see if he could force the door to the hangar open.

"Lucius, you bring some extra artillery?" Cain asked the white haired Intaki.

"You bet," he said producing a hand held blaster that was concealed in his belt as he also drew his own from his shoulder holster.

Wanoah looked around to see if anyone else had a gun, and Gamma quickly drew the one from Fids belt holster as he continued to work on the door and tossed it to Wanoah.

Horatio and Wan noded to each other and kneeled down and took aim at the door that led out to the lift and the only way entrance to the hallway they occupied while L.T. took position directly behind standing sideways and taking aim, making himself a smaller target.

It wasn't long before the first two came through the door. Horatio and Wan fired, dropping them immediately, then more poured in firing their assault weapons on full auto. The shots ricochetted around them. Gamma ducked and tried to stay low and Fid continued his work unphased as a couple shots impacted near him.

L.T. fired off three quick blasts that dropped the assailants, before another wave poured in. More shots burst down the hall, and again failed to find a target before Horatio and Wan again struck with lethal accuracy.

"FOR FUCKS SAKE FID, HURRY!" Gamma swore as he sat in a crouching position with his arms blocking his face while bullets whizzed and clanged around him.

Horatio was having trouble aiming with only one eye good enough to look out of, but at this range he was managing to hit pretty well, just by keeping his arm steady.

Wanoah, was more then happy to take shots at Sal's dogs, and was actually just glad to be loose, and feel the comfortable weight of a gun in his hand. His head felt clear again, and he was just glad at that moment to be alive.

More began to pour in. They swore and cursed as they fired off their expensive automatic weapons wildly, while the three men kept shooting carefully and taking them down one by one.

"I've almost got it," Fid said calmly as he continued to work.

Then suddenly the onslaught of attackers stopped. Wan, L.T. and Cain took the time to quickly reload and wait for their next move.

Gamma's heart began to sink, now he was really worried. Why had they stopped?

Then, as if to answer his question, a lone hand appeared around the corner as it tossed something down the hall that clanked and rolled towards them.

Cain, L.T. and Wanoah looked at each other then quickly stood up....to back away from it. A grenade.

"I've got it!" Fid exclaimed and the door hissed open. Gamma pushed him through the door and the other three nearly stumbled over each other as they rushed through. Wanoah, quickly hit the close button as he tumbled through, sure that all his friends had made it into the hangar.

A muffled explosion on the other side of the door indicated the grenade had gone off.

They all lay on the ground sprawled out for a moment exhaling from the close call.

Then they in turn began to laugh until they were all laughing in unison. They picked themselves up and made sure they were all in one piece. A red bloom of blood appeared on the L.T.'s immaculate white suit, it was just his arm though he had only been clipped. It was a light wound.

"Well....it could have gone better," Cain said grinning, and they all laughed again, before Gamma began to push them towards the waiting shuttle.

"Well, gentlemen this little trip has been fun, but lets get the hell out of here, what do you say?"

They all piled into the shuttle, Wan took the controls and they got underway, as he engaged the engines.

The automated female voice of the hangar control system warned that they did not have clearence to leave the station, and Wanoah promptly ignored it as he piloted his ship towards the exit. The voice warned again that they would be locked down by tractor beam if they did not hault immediately and return to dock.

They all looked at Fid, "It's down! I said it's down, it's down!" he said defensively. They all collectively held their breath......then exhaled as they exited the station without incident.

They all cheered and shook hands and patted each others back as they came out of the station.

"Well it's smooth sailing from here, let me just line up to warp....", Wanoah trailed off, as he caught the Munin out of the corner of his eye. Wanoah quickly in a panic hit the warp button and the ships computer indicated that they had been scrambled. He was suddenly cold with fear. The other three crowded to look out one of the other view ports to catch a glimpse of a the Munin accompanied by a Rifter and a Vigil. Sal's men.

The ships computer came over with more good news, they were being locked.

Then a bright flare of light flooded the cabin of the shuttle. When it dissapated, the Rifter was gone and was replaced by several pieces of wreckage that flamed and floated serenly past them.

The Munin turned desperately to face some new threat. Then over the comms inside the shuttle, they heard a familar voice, "Hey guys, Gamma said you might need some backup, hope you don't mind some of us stopping by to see you out of here!"

It was Hal. Gamma sighed in relief that Hal had gotten his message.

"Thanks alot Hal, the help is much appreciated!" Wan said smiling. Everyone in the shuttle cheered with relief.

Several more ships appeared from warp, The Gent in his Ferox, Ray Trekker in his Hurricane, Thul in his Retribution, and Augustus Ceaser in his Rokh, all present and former members of Convergent. Hal was in the lead in his Tempest. A chorus of salvos came from the ships as they tore through the pursuing Thukker ships and it was over in moments.

Wan engaged the warp drive and they were finally, safely away.

"Set a course for Murethand Wanoah, you too Hal, everyone is invited to the Rifter Hangar for drinks on the house!" Horatio said with a smile.
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Kyoko Sakoda

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 10:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Interesting. Didn't know you were close with Wanoah. Very Happy
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Horatio Cain

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 5:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Me and Wanoah go waaaaay back. Cool
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 7:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

S'true. Wanoah is pretty much pro-Caldari (although not pro-State) because of Cain's influence. Although given our characters' collective disastrous private lives, it's a miracle that any of us are still alive - we always seem to be getting into trouble in Horatio's stories. Very Happy
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Horatio Cain

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 9:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well....at least it's never boring! Very Happy
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