The Tale of the Black Demon.

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Mebrithiel Ju'wien

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 10:19 pm    Post subject: The Tale of the Black Demon. Reply with quote

"Where do we stand?"

"Between hell and a hot place, mate"

The two Gallente Navy Soldiers had been overseeing the defence of a scout mining operation deep in Kingdom territory. The job was high pay and relatively low maintenance. But their maintenance bill was just about to go up...

"Signature. Something coming at us," the first Soldier chimed as a tiny black speck came up on the horizon.

"Is that a... pod-pilot?" Questioned the second Soldier.

"It looks more like a monster"


Came the will-breaking menace in the minds of both pilots. Then the screaming started.

"Shit! She's started on the special ops pilots! They're being raped!" The first Soldier exclaimed, scrambling to attack the enemy, "All Soldiers, approach at top speed and open fire IMMEDIATELY!"

The last Spec-ops fell to the ravenous jaws of the demon as it began eating away at the first Soldier in range.

"She's laughing at me!" Wailed one of the Soldiers under fire as his armor was ripped apart, shard at a time, "I don't wanna d..."

His cries ended in gurgling and the black evil prowled between the bright green Navy Soldiers, lashing back and forth, pinning down each one and burning them with its claws of light.

"Call in the Captain! We can't win without backup!" The second of the earlier pilots cried over comms, still alive and engaging the nightmare before him, "Help! Help! Oh God HEEEELLLPPPP!"

His body evaporated and the first Soldier saw the menacing doom approach him. "Goodbye, my love..." he whispered, thinking of his wife and family back home in Essence, lightyears from this wretched Kingdom.

The Navy Officer arrived in time to see the last Soldier be brutally mauled by the monster at thirty clicks. He locked the black mass before calling out over local comms,

"Time to put this beast down," and began firing off his two huge high-tech blasters at the animal, picking at the corpses of the Soldiers.

It raised its head and started stalking towards the Officer, shrugging off each blast and gaining speed.

40 clicks

30 clicks

20 clicks, "Holy shit it's almost on me"

The demon came within 10 clicks and the fear held the Officer down, unable to run anymore, still firing at the unstopable ravager before him.


The Officer heard, emmenating from the darkness moving around him. He could feel those claws of light slashing at him, unable to move out the way, unable to fight back. His blasters seemed to miss constantly; the shadow always managing to evade his fire, melting like snow in the light and coming back like the morning frost.

His health failing, the Officer saw the grin of the monster and the evil in its eyes. He knew exploration was dangerous, but he hadn't until now realised that his life would be the price he'd have to pay.


Came that almost innocent voice, distorted by hell itself,


was the terribly beautiful answer to the Officers thoughts. His dying sight was the black demon, turning to stalk the innocent miners, oblivious to the nightmare about to face them.

And deep in the Khanid Kingdom, a little girl smiled to the screams of the dying.

"But here is the smell of the blood still and all the perfumes of Khanid will not sweeten this little rose"
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 11:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Shocked reminds me of the girl from Silent Hill at the end; just scary Razz
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