Nomads misadventures, oh my! Part three

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 4:36 pm    Post subject: Nomads misadventures, oh my! Part three Reply with quote

Nomad’s Folly

“That is the man we want over there, just be careful even drunk he is a dangerous opponent” spoke the women to her two companions. Receiving their instructions, a tall lanky Gallentean male and Amarrian male dwarf approached the slumped over figure on the bar. The only thing holding up the man was the bar stool he was barely sitting on.

Clearing his throat, the Amarrian dwarf spoke, “ Are you Commander Nomad Steel of the Grammaton Corp?” Raising his head from the puddle of spilled liquor, Nomads eyes were bloodshot, a three-day growth of a beard was on his face and the odor of a unwashed body came from him, “If I am who wants to know? Are you Concord, bounty hunters or did Gav send some merc’s after me to retrieve me?”

The tall lanky Gallentean looked over the spectacle of Nomad. “Dwarf this sorry specimen cannot be the same fella you guys told me about or the same man that rescued that crew during the flare up between the Angels and Guristas”. Shaking his head the Amarrian dwarf replied, “Aye laddie this is the one, love has brought him this far down it seems”.

Through the liquor fogged mind, Nomad heard the words “sorry and love”, his sluggish movements telegraphed his moves. The tall lanky Gallentean prepared for this pulled the stunner that was concealed behind his back and stunned Nomad. The last thought to go through Nomads foggy mind as he collapsed into the Amarrian dwarfs arms was “Peace at last”.

Many different memories came flooding across his mind as he slept. Childhood where he seemed to be the weakest, but could outrun everybody, excelled at school but no friends. Teenage years where the strength came but the anger was repressed, especially from the abuse that his stepfather dished out on him more so than his brothers, to the two failed marriages from being a solider, to many loves lost because they just weren’t right or his anger. But in all the memories, there was an accented voice calling to him as from a far, some body familiar but yet new.

“WHAT THE HELL” howled Nomad as he came bolting out of the bed from the ice-cold water that made contact with his head and chest. Gathering his wits, Nomad seen standing slightly to the side, a beautiful Gallentean woman with fiery red hair, green eyes and a beautiful smile that was slightly amused. Two things he realized instantly now awake, one was she was holding a large empty glass and second he was stark ass naked.

From inside the shower stall, the hot steaming water seemed to be making Nomad feel human again. “Ok, now you look familiar from somewhere. Did you and I get it on last night, because right now I don’t remember much except working on the Hermes and waking up here” asked Nomad.

Stifling a laugh the Gallentean woman began to talk, as she walked around the small room out side the shower. “Let’s see where to start, hmm? OK, from what I have gathered, after your fiancée gave back her ring to you, you went on a blind drunk. You started drinking in Ono’s 21 ‘Lucky Stars lounge”, where you then proceeded to punch out one Admiral Narcissus and Vice Admiral Haz, friends of yours I believe. They came to talk to you after you sat drinking for two days straight”. From inside the shower came a groan and sigh “Please go on” asked Nomad of the women.

Continuing her story, “It seems as you fled you took out 3 sec agents and one of your High Clerics students. Her leg they say should be healed from the compound fracture you gave her in a few days. Also you’re supposed to see a Twinis when you get back for a lesson, I believe”. A “Bonk” noise came from the shower stall as if someone had deliberately hit their head on the wall. Once again Nomad replied “Please continue”.

Finding a comfortable seat on the unmade bunk, the Gallentean woman looked around as she found the words to continue. “It seems you fled Ono, and wound up in a lounge in Poinen where my crew and I retrieved you. See during your blind drunken rampage, I was talking to your CEO, Gav Talos about hiring you for a job. From inside the shower stall, Nomad replied, “So you’re an agent then?”

Getting up the women came an leaned against the door to the shower, “No actually I am the CEO Cynthia Sinn of Roid Killers, we met a week ago in Jita, where you rescued one of my miners. I was in negotiations to hire your services for some jobs. My corp. is short experienced Enforcers and I wanted your services. But I did not anticipate what you been doing”. From inside the shower stall the sound of “Boink” as a head was hitting the wall was heard. “Um, how much trouble am I in by the way?” asked Nomad.

With a grin on her face, “From besides the Head Cleric of your corp and her student, none. Apparently you have a very powerful friend on your corps Council, but for the time being you belong to me until you get your shit straight”. With a strong tone to her voice Cynthia continued. “ While you are working for me, you will not drink that is my only rule, do we understand each other Nomad?” “Plain as day” was his reply.

“Now get your ass in gear, I have a mission for you, an your late already for your mission briefing” spoke Cynthia as she turned and left. Nomad stuck his wet head out from the shower stall to watch the slender jump suited woman leave. “Hmm, cute ass and legs on her” thought Nomad.

In a meeting room paneled with real dark cherry wood, comfortable leather seats around a tritanium table sat Cynthia at the head, Nomad to her opposite, a tall lanky Gallentean male, the Amarrian Dwarf oddly named Dwarf 7 and a Caldari woman. Looking at Nomad, Cynthia began to introduce the people at the table. “The lanky fella here is my brother Alf the commander of my SecFor, you know Dwarf 7 and last is Delia head of my intel/op’s shop. Originally I had you brought over to be an instructor, but 3 days ago I lost a survey frigate in dead space. It seems they struck an asteroid. The area they are in is being contested by the Angel Cartel and Guristas once again. It seems you pulled off a similar mission a few weeks back. I got garbled info on how you did it, so I want you to lead the rescue as you did before. So I need to know how many ships need to accompany you on the rescue OP”.

Looking up from his mini comp pad, Alf looked Nomad straight in the eyes, “ I believe this force of one battleship, two battle cruisers, six cruisers and a dozen frigates should be able to fight its way in. Delia and I figure this is what you used on your last mission, would that be correct?”

Returning the look to Alf, Nomad just smiled, “No, that won’t work”.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN WON’T WORK!!, Delia and I crunched the numbers every which way to Thursday to figure this out, then we scrimped it to cover our cost of hiring some of the ships we need” spoke Alf in a raised voice.

With a slight smile Nomad looked over the seated members like a teacher about to revel a secret to his class, “It’s a freaking rescue mission not a war, all I need is one ship. Outfit for me a Rifter” as Nomad handed over his mini comp. “ I know there is one in the hanger that can be upgraded to the stats I need. Also place a rescue container in it hold, they will have 60 seconds to board and I haul ass. Now have the Rifter ready in an hour”. Nomad stood and left the room, walking briefly down the hallway and stopped. Thinking to himself, “What have I got my self into” with that thought Nomad headed to the hanger bay.

As Nomad began to enter the pod, Cynthia in a emerald green ships jump suit, walked up. “Nomad, how are you going to pull this off” she asked. Looking back at her, “Easy, speed. I am not going to fight, I will just outrun the bastards. Pull up to the damaged frigate, get them aboard and haul ass back, that how” with that Nomad leaned over and grabbed Cynthia by the back of the head, pulled her close and kissed her on the lips.

Slightly taken back, Cynthia saw the smile on Nomads face. “What was that for “ she asked. “It was for luck” replied Nomad. “Well then you won’t mind this then” as she slapped Nomad across the face”. Stunned Nomad just looked at the standing Cynthia. “ I came to tell you the other reason I wanted you on this job. My only son is on that ship, and I wanted the best to get him” with that statement she turned and left Nomad staring.

“Nomad, we are entering the zone to the first gate” intoned Eva. “Scans show eighteen frigates and two cruiser”. “Initiate, the afterburner and ECCM pods. Burn through them and get us close enough to activate the gate controls” commanded Nomad. A few of the pirate frigates tried to lock on, but could not keep up with the racing Rifter. As they began to get close, the Rifter was being hurled to the next location by the acceleration gates controls.

At the second complex, Nomads Rifter popped right behind two pirate frigates. Being the fastest of the three, Nomad began to activate the ECCM on target number two and locked on to target number one. Ten seconds seems a long time as the first frigate began to turn into the Rifter, as the autocannons and rocket launchers began to fire. A few rockets hit the shields with minimal damage, but Nomads ship hit harder. With the death of the first frigate, the second followed.

The rest of the pirate gang, seeing the fiery explosions, began to lock on to Nomads Rifter. “Eva, full burn on the afterburner and keep the ECCM cranked to max” gave Nomad. Scanning ahead of the Rifter, there was a trio of three pirates frigates attempting to block his way to the acceleration gates command point. Smiling evilly, “Eva, take us right between them”. With confirmation Eva added a warning message “The makers of this craft will not be held responsible for suicidal actions held in the course of piloting the ship in hostile zone. The makers of the ship recommend prudent action” so droned the ship manufacturer-warning message. With full afterburners, the Rifter was hurled to the last destination.

“Oh frak me” spoke Nomad as he saw a at least a hundred of various ships in combat with each other. “Eva, find the ELT beacon and haul ass to it”. Working with Eva, Nomad found the ELT beacon of the frigate, it appeared to be next to the shattered remains of a space station on the other side of the dead space area. “Give us full speed Eva”.

With the Rifter leaving a fiery trail of ions behind it, the Rifter was taking secondary damage from the pirates at war with each other. At one point Nomad had to loop behind one pirate frigate as it attempted to fire upon his ship. “Eva, tight beam to the frigate, to prepare for emergency EVA, they got sixty seconds to get in the rescue container, never mind hook me to them I will give them the instructions” commanded Nomad in a strong voice. “Roid Killer Alpha two niner, prep for EVA, DO NOT BLEED your atmosphere. Be suited, blow the hatch when I tell you too. Trust what I am telling you to do and you will all live” once again commanded Nomad. “Roger” spoke the voice from Roid Killer Alpha two niner.

Dodging two more pirate frigates, Nomad began his run to the damaged frigate. “Kill the afterburner, full bow thruster with full Starboard thruster, open the Port container loading hatch. Eva, begin to bring us to there Port hatch. Now Eva tight beam me to them. Roid Killer Alpha two niner blow your hatch, I will catch you” spoke Nomad with a neutral voice into the comm.

Following Nomads order the crew of Roid Killer Alpha two niner blew the hatch. Still under atmosphere, the crew was hurled across the void of space. With careful maneuvering of the Rifter, the crew landed into the cushioned rescue container. Once secure, the outer Port hatch closed. With the precious cargo secured, Nomad entered the code to jump back to the Ukkalen space station.

As Nomads Rifter emerged from warp, a miscalculation had them appearing 150 kilometers from the space station. Because of the mistake, or treachery Nomads warning lights began blinking red as target locks began to appear on the scanner. “Eva, who has target locks on us” hastily spoke Nomad. “Nomad, it appears to be Morgan, Drake and Blackbeard from the Rat Pack. They are in frigates and closing to optimal firing range” intoned Eva with her neutral voice. “Why me” muttered Nomad to no one in particular.

“Eva, give me full burn, turn the ECCM up full blast, use the following course and time I put in to follow this command” gave Nomad. With jinking and weaving, Nomad fired back hitting Blackbeards frigate, while taking fire from the other two pirate. Focusing his fire still, Blackbeards frigate blew up. “Ignore the pod, lock Drake” ordered Nomad again. Getting closer to the station, the Rifter following the commands given swung with in 100 meters of the landing bay. As the ship flew by, the Port doors blew ejecting the rescue container into the station.

With the rescue container cleared, Nomad activated the afterburners, and began to close with the two remaining pirates. Seeing him coming Morgan warped out, and Drake came in head to head. With weapons blazing the shields past gone, both ships were losing armor and structure fast. It was a matter of time before one would lose. “EVA, STOP THE SHIP” with that command given the bow and aft thrusters fired at max power, Drake overshot the stopping Rifter, and Nomads weapons tracked it as it passed. The Rat Pack Frigate exploded. Seeing the pod, Nomad gave chase once again, activating the afterburners. Catching up to Drakes pod, Nomad poured fire into it, watching it explode.

“Eva, take us into the station bay and cut the afterburner” commanded Nomad. “Nomad we cannot deactivate the afterburner, we are on a collision course with the station and it appears that the pod will not eject, it has been nice knowing you Nomad, I am beginning to transfer self to the stations mainframe, goodb” started Eva, when something went pop and Nomad just fell into darkness.

The dream was not as bad, people were actually talking good about the things positive instead of bad. The warmth of the body next to him felt good as did the delicate perfume of her body as she held Nomad close. “What, perfume, body?” jerked Nomad awake. Raising his head, from the pillow Nomad looked around. In the semi-darkness of the room, he saw it was the apartment he awoke in the first time. Looking over to his left side, Nomad saw Cynthia curled up next to him. Smiling Nomad just laid his head back down and closed his eyes to enjoy the warmth he felt.
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