Nomads misadventures, oh my! Part two

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 4:34 pm    Post subject: Nomads misadventures, oh my! Part two Reply with quote

Nomad’s Luck

“What do you mean they think I am unlucky?” asked Nomad to Lacey as he rose from the sitting position across from her in the communal cafeteria. With his outburst, folks at the other tables began to look at the raised voice of the Caldari man hovering over the Minmatar women.

Looking up at Nomad from her seated position Lacey began her defense, “Its just everybody says that you take more damage, more agro, lose more ships and been cloned more than anyone in the Corp. Some think you maybe a “Pariah” or just unlucky” with slight hesitation in her voice.

“Everybody is full of sh….” As Nomad began to reply a strong darkened hand grasped his right shoulder. Without thinking, Nomad went into combat mode. His right elbow came back hard and fast where the solar plexus would be followed up with his arm moving up and back of his hand striking the nose. With a slight groan, from the unknown assailant, Nomad followed through with his attack by pivoting on his right heel bringing his left leg around in sweeping motion. With his left leg connecting, the assailant was knocked off his feet.

Seeing movement to his left side of his vision, Nomad whipped a karate chop to the throat of the next attacker. Again hearing a grunt of a strike, Nomad bounced back a step, and then looked over his situation. Seeing a tall Amarrian male rolling around on the ground and another shorter Amarrian male holding his throat.

As Nomad began to take stance again to continue his attack, “STOP NOMAD, damn you, those are my brothers! I was going to introduce them to you. They came from Joppya to visit me and meet you” shrilled a slightly hysterical Lacey. The look of horror began to encompass Nomads face as he realized what he just about did. Without thinking he almost killed 2 men.

Looking at Lacey, her 2 brothers and seeing some of his friends, Corp mates, some just staring, some beginning to move from their initial shock. “I, I, frak” with frustration, turned and left the cafeteria.

Walking toward the hanger bay, Nomad stormed past Gav who attempted to slow him down with no luck. Annaliza stopped him long enough for Nomad to look at her with mournful eyes, shake his head and continue toward the hanger bay. Enrought, Nomad brought his comm link to his mouth to give commands to his pods A.I., “Eva, prepare the Hermes, full load of rockets, Iridium hybrid ammo and a complete cap charge. Preset the destination to Jita, eta 60 seconds”.
Once in the hanger, Nomad entered his pod and began procedures. Many difficult thoughts entered his swirling mind, the only prevalent thought was to run and think. TO do this, Nomad ordered Eva to mate the pod to his Condor class frigate. The ship that Nomad had scored many a Guristas pirate with. As Nomad left the hanger, the voices of Lacey, Achi and Gav attempted to persuade Nomad to not leave that he was not in trouble. With a mental command, Nomad had Eva turn off the Corp channel. With that Nomad gave the order that propelled him into Warp space away from Ono 21.

“Nomad, we are exiting the Stargate into Jita space, what station is your destination?” asked Eva “Take us to the farthest asteroid field in system, please and activate the signal Amplifier in case” replied Nomad.

Entering form Warp space the Hermes scanners showed 3 frigates attacking a Badger II and a Retriever class-mining barge. System ID’s showed the Badger II as the River Belle piloted by a Gallentean women named Francis Sense and the Retriever ID’d as the Blue Dwarf piloted by an Amarrian named Dwarf 7 of the Roid Killers Corp. The pirates were of the Rat Pack a little known Pirate Corp of wannabes pirates. The names strangely enough were Morgan, Drake and Blackbeard, pirates of old piloting a Punisher and 2 Merlin’s.

The River Belle, made the transition to Warp Space, but Blue Dwarf apparently was having trouble with its Warp Engines. Littered around the Blue Dwarf was what appeared to be the wreckage of three scout drones and two of his mining drones were scuttling back to the barge.

“Eva, open the local comm channel to the Blue Dwarf”, once the channel opened to the Dwarf, “This is Nomad Steel, Commander of Enforcers with Grammaton Inc. send my ships A.I. a gang link. I will cover you until you can warp out” sub vocalized Nomad into the mike attached to his throat.

With an immediate replay the gang link was initialized, “Thanks Nomad, I need 3 minutes to get the warp drive back up, buy me 3 minutes please, I don’t know if we can hold longer than that” replied the Dwarf.

Giving the command to target on the nearest Merlin piloted by Blackbeard. “Eva, give me full thrust, engage micro warp drives” ordered Nomad. With the increased power and a confirmed target lock, the Hermes was now less than 55 meters from Blackbeards frigate. The Hermes shaked as the 2 rocket batteries and the blaster poured fire into the Blackbeards ship. From the scans, the Dwarf apparently dealt it some damage, as two seconds later the ship vaporized and a pod was ejected. Not giving the PVP pirate a chance, Nomad closed the distance and fired again into the Blackbirds pod. All his focus on the killing the pod, damage indicators began to flash.

“Eva, ignore the threat, finish the attack” ordered Nomad once again. The pod finally exploded from the fire of the rockets launchers and blaster. Ordering Eva again” Take us straight and loop behind them Eva”. With the order given, Eva plotted a looping course to close on the 2 remaining pirates. “Shields are at 85% capacity Nomad”, intoned Eva.

“Good bring us head on and target the Merlin piloted by Drake” commanded Nomad. The head on charge with the Merlin caused the ship to begin to take damage and the Punisher lasers turrets began to add damage to the shields. With the shields down, the armor began to take hits. Nomad felt each of the hits as part of the neural feedback from being part of the ships A.I. With the rockets and blaster once again, the Merlin was destroyed from the onslaught. “Eva, ignore Morgan, finish Drake’s pod”. With that Eva maintaining target lock on the escaping pod. As it seemed to finally flee, the pod blew up. Eva spoke to Nomad with what sounded like joy in its A.I. produced voice, “ That is 2 ships and 2 pod kills Nomad, you’re lucky”. With the destruction of the two Merlin’s, instead of running, Morgan began firing again at the Hermes. Seeing the danger, Nomad once again engage the micro warp drive and brought the Hermes into the kill position behind the Punishers engines.

Braving the flow of Ion’s from the Punishers engines, Nomad brought the Hermes into the sweet spot where the Punisher could not traverse its weapons. Keeping it tight, Nomad began to fire into the unprotected engine compartment. The resulting blast sent the Hermes tumbling end over end. Fighting to regain control, Nomad pasted out from the extra G forces generated from the blast and the micro warp drive engine still running.

“Nomad wake up” intoned Eva, seeing no response, Eva sent a shock into Nomads body. The shock brought Nomad to a fast wake up. “What happen, where am I” asked a slightly dazed Nomad.

“Your safe, you completely destroyed Morgan craft, the blast knocked you out, but we are fine and you only been out a minute” spoke Eva. Checking the scanners, Nomad notices 2 cruisers, a Caracal, a Thorax and the River Belle emerging from Warp space.

“Thank you friend, who ever you are, you have a friend in the Roid Killers. I am Cynthia Sinn, CEO of the Corp and your more than welcome for the help you provided” spoke their CEO to Nomad.

Looking to the Comm, Nomad saw a beautiful Gallentean woman with fiery red hair, green eyes and a beautiful smile. Nomad nodded to the lady in the Comm. “Eva, take us home” spoke Nomad to Eva.

Later, in the hanger bay, Nomad was overseeing the repairs of the Hermes. When Lacey walked in. Seeing what was going on, she approached Nomad. “Look like you were in a fur ball, what happen meet pirates?” asked Lacey. Without looking back, Nomad replied “Nope, meteor storm. Lacey, um I am sorry about earlier an….” Before he replied, Lacey grasped his right hand and placed something in it and left.

Looking at the retreating Lacey, Nomad knew what the item was, it was the ring he had given her to marry him about a week ago. “Nomad, what about the kill mails, shall I post them to the board” butted in Eva to Nomad from his comm link. “No, Eva, just archive them for now, no one would believe I got lucky”.

(This is just fiction, not like I would get this lucky anyhow. Enjoy the story)
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