Nomads misadventures, oh my! Part one

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 4:34 pm    Post subject: Nomads misadventures, oh my! Part one Reply with quote

Nomad’s Honor

“Nomad, wake-up, you having nightmares again” spoke Lacey Black as she shaked Nomad awake. “Huh, wha?… damn not again said Nomad as he slowly rose up from his position next to Lacey. Shaking his head, Nomad sat up and turned his body to rest his feet on the fur rug. Resting his head in his hands, Nomad remembered the nightmare he was having, it was the same one different circumstances. The doc said it was from being podded some many times that there would be some backlash.

Getting up, Nomad padded across the fur rug in the apartment he had in Grammaton’s wing of offices, apartments, labs and such. Getting to his goal, Nomad looked over the cabinet and saw what he wanted to drink. Open the clear to the fridge, Nomad grabbed some orange juice, he had found it worked better than alcohol to help chase the dreams away.

“Hey sexy, why don’t you climb back in the sack with me” asked Lacey. Looking her way, Nomad still found it hard to believe that a beautiful lady like her would have anything to do with an old ground pounder. “Sure Lacey” he replied. Climbing back into the bed with the beautiful Amarrian women, Nomad felt comfortable again.

“Nomad, tell me some about you, your very secretive about you past. You need to open up some and talk, or you will fit your name” spoke Lacey. With a deep sigh, Nomad faced Lacey, “Ok, what do you want to know” asked Nomad.

“Tell me about the scar over your right eye, like how did you get”. Playing with Lacey’s nipple trying to distract her, she shooed Nomads roaming hands away. “Dammit Nomad, talk to, me you always try to find a way to not answer the questions” Lacey asked with some anger in her voice.

“Sigh, you won’t believe me if I tell you. I got this scar as a kid. I was about 3 an bumped into the coffee table in my parents house and laid it wide open” spoke Nomad. Lacey looking at Nomad with skepticism in her eyes. “Told you, you would not believe me. Next question” asked Nomad.

“What where you before you came a pod pilot and why did you become a pod pilot” spoke Lacey as she pulled Nomad a little closer. Looking at her, Nomad thought to himself, “I wonder if I can lie and get her to leave, nope she is good for me, so I guess I should trust”. “I was a Special Operations solider for the Caldari army. I did a lot of things as a solider that I am not proud of, but they had to be done. One of my sergeants, told me I was too smart and good to waste myself as a solider, he told me to become a pod pilot, maybe a miner. The unit I was in was destroyed by a orbital strike. I was not there when they all died. I took a discharge and applied to the School of Applied Knowledge. They took me in and I enrolled in mining courses. I had enough fighting” explained Nomad.

“I was enjoying the mining, but my advisor asked me to do a job for school agent. The job was a simple courier mission, then I started doing more courier, then pirate and drone hunts. I started liking hunting pirates and killing renegade drones. I become a killer again, then I met Achi, who was recruiting for Grammaton. I took their silver piece and floated around in the Corp for a few days. Before I could enter the Academy the 11th Commandment declared war on Gram. Next thing I knew I was in a Caracal in dogfights mixing it up. Being my 1st combat in a Cruiser with professional opponents, I gave best I could, but woke up a few times in the clone bay. That is when the nightmares began, after the 2nd awaking.

Looking deep in Lacey’s eyes Nomad continued, “Seeing that we were lacking ECM support except for what Twinis could provide, I began to study ECM warfare to see if it would give us an edge. See most of the veterans and noobs prefer guns and missiles. I told Gav, I would go ECM until we had dedicated people to fly the Blackbirds. So I went against all good sense and volunteered to fly ECM coverage. As I began to pilot the birds, my life expectancy began to drop, so the nightmare began to get worse with each new awakening”.

“Now, you know, it is one of the reason also why I asked for Yuuki, to take my place as Commander of the Heavy Assault Squadron, because I can be the best at Heavy Assault, but I will climb into the Blackbirds again and again until we get ECM pilots. My Honor to keep my mates alive, out weighs my survival. So I must bear the nightmares. I would love to play with guns and missiles to go to war with, I would get my kills like everybody else. But, I cannot knowingly do it. ECM is needed to keep us alive, Twinis has shown us that, but there is no glory in being a target”, rolled out the confession from Nomad.

Looking away from Lacey, Nomad once again got up and walked to the tinted plassteel window. Lightening the tint some, Nomad looked out the window. “Lacey, do you see the frigates out there, Roth has a new batch of noobs. They will become either Enforcers plain out, haulers or miners. Of the Enforcers there, the glory they seek is guns and missiles, there is no Glory in a bird, I feel honor bound to provide it until” spoke Nomad once again.

As Nomad stood there looking out into space, he felt the warm hands of Lacey embrace him, making him feel safe. “One day Nomad, you can leave the birds, someone else will pick up the mantle. But until then I will be here for you when the nightmares return” whispered Lacey into Nomads ear as she guided him back to there shared bunk.
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