Configuration Test Eleven

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Yuki Li

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:58 pm    Post subject: Configuration Test Eleven Reply with quote

This is a follow up to Unexpected.

Configuration Test Eleven
Airkio IX - Moon 2
Lai Dai Protection Service Assembly Plant

"Commencing configuration test eleven, Interceptor, Claw class."

Yuki Li brought the elite frigate up to speed and swung over the top of the Lai Dai Protection Service station.

"Top speed i-" A voice chimed in, interrupting her.

"Did you just log this as your eleventh configuration test today?"

The voice belonged to Han Renbai, Omerta Syndicate"s first Jin-Mei Director. She silently hoped he'd be the last.

"Did I miscount?"

"No, but, eleven config tests on the same interceptor? There are only so many ways to skin a furrier."

"And when this one achieves what I want it to I'll stop."

His next response was preceded by a heavy sigh. "it'll never do what you want it to, because you want it to be something it's not."

"I want it to be fucking useful."

"You want it to be a Crow, and it never will be."

"You"re right, it's not a Crow, it's a haphazard collection of scrap metal that just happens to have an engine sticking out the back and is just large enough to bolt weapons to."

"Wel-" It was his turn to get cut off.

"Top speed at thirty-seven fifty, armour integrity and damage resistance are solid, coming around for weapons testing."

She brought the ship around back over the station and lined up the practice target, as she accelerated towards it space around her darkened, the local star seeming to eclipse beneath something unknown to her.

"Renbai, are you seeing this?"

"Am I seeing what?"

"The star"

"it's a very nice star, I know."

The Claw twisted past the practice target without a shot fired, Yuki disengaging the micro-warp drive as she peeled back towards the station... or at least where the station should have been, and certainly wasn't. The darkness that had eclipsed the star now seemed to have also hidden the station from her. The instruments aboard the Claw were (unsurprisingly) not helping any, her interface flickering with icons and readouts that were little more than nonsense.

"Do you mean to fucking tell me you are not seeing this?"

This time there was no response to calm her anxiety.


Well, this is a suitably fucked scenario.

The planets, the stars, the moons, everything was gone; she was surrounded by nothing but the metal of her ship and the ominous darkness beyond it that threatened to engulf her entirely.

She went through system checks to try to correct the HUD, hoping to make something work that could help her find some way out of whatever this was, growing increasingly flustered and frustrated every time something failed to report any actual information, to provide her with anything tangible.

Fucking Minmatar trash.

Just as she lost her temper the overview burst to life, scrolling with ships that seemed to leave warp from every direction. They blinked with target locks by the dozen, the smaller ships immediately accelerating towards her.

Without hesitation she reactivated the micro-warp drive and began hurtling towards where the station had been as shots began fizzing past the tiny Minmatar hull, missiles already in pursuit. Her only hope was that it was still there, still right where she'd undocked, and that she just couldn't see it.

The first volley of missiles caught up and exploded around the Claw, the already barely effective shields collapsing instantaneously. The ship tilted hard to the right under the force of the blasts and then lunged forwards again under the force of an engine pushed beyond the parameters of its design.

Where the fuck is it?!

She had a good idea of where the station should be, she'd docked there countless times, but her confidence in her ability to find it under these circumstances was wavering.

"Yuki what the fuck are you doing? Slow down!"

It was Han Renbai's voice again, it was a source of indescribable relief for the split second it took her to see that the darkness that had surrounded her was gone, and that she was less than a thousand metres from the docking bay, ship angled towards the bay floor.

The Claw crumpled and bounced like a ball of foil, throwing up a fireworks display of sparks as panels and pieces of hull scattered in every direction. A single auto-cannon sporadically sputtered Barrage rounds into the station interior as what was left of the ship slid into the hangars and finally stopped.

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Han Renbai

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