Nomad's Misadventures - Bomb Run #10

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:30 am    Post subject: Nomad's Misadventures - Bomb Run #10 Reply with quote

Nomad in Bomb Run

“Sir, scanners show a ship inbound to the island”, spoke the voice from the wrist comm. Nomad, began to scan the sky to see if he could make out the contrail of the approaching ship. After a couple sweeps of the sky with his eyes, Nomad could see the contrail. Moving his hand, he picked up the wrist comm. “Jeeves, please be waiting for the pilot when they land, then escort them to the beach. Also which pilot and ship type is that”.

The reply came with in seconds, “Sir, it is a Nemesis class bomber and the registry shows it to be piloted by one Faridah of SOLST”. Thinking of a nice reception, for Faridah, Nomad replied to his wrist comm. “Jeeves, she likes Gallente Brandy, have her drink ready when she de-pods”.

Faridah, noted the island and the discreet sensor scans that were painting her ship. Leave it to Nomad to cover his butt. She inwardly smiles under the mask while in the pod. Thinking to her self she hoped Nomad would not give her a hard time about getting back to work. Her thoughts were broken when a traffic control came over her ship board comms. “SOSLT ship, this is Steel Manor, please vector your ship to landing pad 3, it is beacon activate so please follow the signal”.

Interesting accent, thought Faridah to herself, as she piloted her ship to pad 3. Taking care, she brought her Nemesis to a careful landing. Instead of lowing the pod as there was not pod receiving gear. Faridah just opened her pod in her ship. Getting out of the pod, she walked naked a few steps to the ships locker to grab a towel. Immediately she wiped off then pulled out a set of coveralls. After getting the rest of her clothing on ser lowered the access ramp.

Upon exiting her ship, Faridah found a distinguished gentleman of average height waiting on her. He was wearing grey pants, white shirt, with a high collar and a black coat. An the amazing thing was he was holding a try with a glass on it filled with some kind of Amber liquid. “Welcome to Steel Island, my lady. Lord Steel is on the beach waiting for you and he has offered you this drink to quench your invariable thirst. If you should need anything I am Jeeves, just use your wrist com to setting 436.2 mega hertz and I will answer,” spoke Jeeves. A bit flabbergasted, Faridah reached for the glass and went down the path to the beach.

As Faridah approached the beach, the sun felt good on her face, she could not recall the last time she was on a planet with a comfortable temperature and the warm feeling of the sun caressing her face. She got closer to Nomad, he turned as he knew she was behind her. “Hey Faridah, nice to see you” as smiled.

Stopping Faridah smiled back, “Ok, Nomad your rest break is over, and Gaogan wants you back”. Looking at Faridah, Nomad smiled again as he knew a secret. “Did he give you a timeline for my return. If not, I ask only for 2 days then we leave”.

Faridah, thought about it. The sun felt warm, she bet the sand would feel good to lie on and maybe a day of swimming would be nice. “Ok, 2 days no longer then we go back”. Nomad just smiled and pointed a small beach cabana. Faridah just nodded in acknowledgement and headed to the beach cabana. After changing into a bikini that looked about her size, found it fit just right and she liked the emerald green to be flattering.

Later after a brisk swim and lying on the warm beach, Faridah thought that Nomad was right. This little place he had was like a slice of heaven. She even turned off her wrist comm to ignore Gaogan’s messages. Faridah mouth began to water thinking about the dinner Jeeves had mentioned earlier.

2 days later, in a fleet Faridah in her Nemesis and Nomad flying a Dramiel were on there flight path back to KBP. It was a boring flight so far with no signs of the Privateers at any of the gates. Faridah figured since they were in combat ships, they were hiding. The Privateers wanted easy targets like industrial ships to kill, not folks that could fight back.

After entering the new star system, alarms began ringing in both ships. Privateers were 20 km off the gate attacking a Charon class freighter. There were 3 Crow class interceptors and 1 Caracal class cruiser doing the attacking. Seeing the situation Nomad began to issue order. “Faridah, stay cloaked, till in position drop a bomb. I hope to God your caring a Void bomb”.

Nomad kicked the micro warp drive into gear and began to run circles around the Crow ceptors. With a thought 3 Warrior II class combat drones were deployed to attack one of the 3 Crows. Turning tight into the turn, Nomad opened up on the Crow that had the drones attacking it. Pouring fire into it, the ship disappeared. Ignoring fire from the other 2 Crows and the Caracal, Nomad pawned the pod.

Faridah, getting into a suitable position, decloaked and dropped the Void bomb. Turning away, Faridah kicked in her afterburner to get out of the blast zone. Figuring out the travel time of the bomb and Nomads speed, she figured out when to tell Nomad to break. Counting down the seconds, she hollered ‘Nomad, break right, bombs is about to explode”.

Hearing Faridah’s shouted warning, Nomad turned the Dramiel into a sharp 90 degree turned, overloaded the engines. Nomad hit the 14.1 km mark when the bomb went off. The blast caused the Dramiel to temporary lose control and begin to flip end over end. Faridah seeing Nomad not responding, focused her target crosshairs on to the Caracal cruiser. With its capacitor dead, it system down, it was going to die. Faridah launched her volley of thermal torpedos into the stricken Caracal.

“Eva, cut the engines and reengage the gyroscope so we can get stability back”, shouted Nomad to his ships AI. Following orders, the Dramiel stabilized and Nomad regained control of the ship. Seeing Faridah killing the Caracal, Nomad went after the two remaining Crows. Faridah killed off the Privateers Caracal and she seen from her HUD, that Nomad was finishing off the last Crow. About that time a small fleet of combat ships from the freighters corp came warping in.

Seeing the situation under control, Faridah warped there small fleet to the next warp gate. “Nomad we must hurry, Gaogan is burning up my comms that we have not arrived yet”. Nomad just smiled to himself and he followed Faridah into warp flight.
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