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Kenji Noguchi

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Location: Spain

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:50 pm    Post subject: [COMPLETE] Application - Kenji Noguchi Reply with quote

Kenji Noguchi

+Player's age:

+Timezone and hours you're available:
GMT+1 (Madrid); approximately from 16 EVT to 22 EVT on week days, full availability on many (but not all) weekends.

+Current security rating:

+How many skillpoints does your character have? Break them down by category or give us a brief overview of what you've trained as well:
Kenji has 25.7 mill skillpoints, specialy in Caldari starships (6.2 mill) and gunnery (5.1 mill). However it's not a specialized character, and is able to do also many tasks not directly involving combat, like exploration, mineral refining, and some science, for example. In combat he's able to take almost any role, including EW specialist, tackler, support, etc in adition to "standard" combat.

+What ships do you fly?
Eagle, Harpy and Scorpion (personal favourites), Rokh, Abaddon, Buzzard, Raven, Ferox, Manticore.

+Are you self-sufficent?
Yes, completely.

+Are you interested in roleplay?
Yes, but probably lack the time to dedicate to it (write chronicles, etc)

+Please list some notable previous corporations you've been in. Some personal player history is also helpful here. Killboard links and videos if you got them, too.
I started my career in Drink Starsi, back in 2004. Shortly after Jera left the game I took a break too. I returned for a brief period at the start of 2006 when I joined Caldari Deep Space Ventures, but very shortly I took another break. I came back and joined APEX Unlimited at mid 2006 when it was a member of the Kimotoro Directive. I remained in APEX when we formed our own Alliance, until short ago when I was transferred to Omega Tactical Solutions for organizational pourposes (OMTAC was the PvP branch of the Alliance).

+Under what circumstances did you leave (or why do you currently want to leave) the aforementioned corp(s)?
I'm leaving APEX in good terms, as it's suffering a heavy reorganization and no longer has a need (nor use) for PvP pilots.

+Out of all the corporations you've looked at, do you believe Omerta Syndicate is the best one for you? If so, why?
Yes, I believe so, for many reasons. It has a bond with the Caldari as my character does, and has also the same stance as Kenji; he's loyal to the Caldari people, and would like to be loyal to the State; however he's finding that it's difficult if not impossible to be loyal to both at the same time. Omerta offers also a lot of PvP opportunities, and from what I've heard you have many European players (one of the things I missed when in APEX).

+Do you have a microphone and the ability to use Ventrilo and Teamspeak?
Yes, I do; but should restrict its use as I don't live alone and it's frequent to have people sleeping or studying in the same room as I am.

+Are you willing to follow orders from fleet command unquestioningly and with immediacy?
I can name many references from my previous employers that can confirm that I am.

+Do you have any experience leading gangs, and would you take the initiative to start a roaming gang should nothing else be going on?
I lack the experience to do so, althought I think I have the knowledge. I would start such a gang if there's nothing else to do and there's no more experienced pilot around.

+Please list any current members you can use as a referral.
I've previously spoken with Yuki Li (I remember I even contacted her back in 2004 when I was considering joining you by then, but you were at war and didn't accept new members). I've had no previous contact with any other members of Omerta that I know.
Kenji Noguchi, Caldari warrior.
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Yuki Li

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

We'll get to you ASAP for an interview Smile

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