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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:45 pm    Post subject: [COMPLETE] Application - Azmodai Reply with quote

Character name: Azmodai

Player's age: 34

Timezone and hours you are available: GMT+1 evenings and weekends

Current security rating: 1.73

How many skillpoints does your character have: I currently have 155 skills and 44.308.937 skill points (http://eve-files.com/dl/146466)
Gunnery points are split between energy and hybrid with pulse lasers currently being the only T2. I've been relying on missiles to get the job done lately.

What ships do you fly: All Caldari and Amarr T1 ships except freighters/capitals. Caldari AF, SB, Marauder, Dread and recently heavy interdictor certified.

Are you self-sufficent: Yes

Are you interested in roleplay: Yes with moderation. I consider myself "backstory aware" without being hardcore RP.

Please list some notable previous corporations you've been in:
CAIN, APEX, Paxton Federation (http://kb.lx2gt.lu/?a=pilot_detail&plt_id=39422)
MFR (unfortunately KB is password protected but here's a screenie of the changes since MFR left Paxton, http://eve-files.com/dl/146467).

Under what circumstances did you leave (or why do you currently want to leave) the aforementioned corp(s):
There were various triggers for leaving the individual corps but basically it was all founded in a lack of consistent team PVP in euro timezone.

Out of all the corporations you've looked at, do you believe Omerta Syndicate is the best one for you? If so, why:
Yes of course or I wouldn't apply Smile
I've considered Omerta a few times in the past as it seems like a good place for a Caldari to find some teamwork based combat.
Previously however the outlaw reputation and "alternative" Caldari loyalty kept me from applying, coming from righteous corps like CAIN etc. it didn't feel right.
With your current sec. rating requirement and me coming off my highhorse, adopting a more liberal target acquisition policy, it seems we're heading towards a common middleground so now feels like a good time to apply.

Do you have a microphone and the ability to use Ventrilo and Teamspeak: Yes

Are you willing to follow orders from fleet command unquestioningly and with immediacy: Yes

Do you have any experience leading gangs, and would you take the initiative to start a roaming gang should nothing else be going on:
I have very limited experience but would be willing to lead small squad size gangs, once I get familiar with the pilots and OP space.
I have no current aspirations to be fleet commander.
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