The Riverside Complex

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2006 12:30 am    Post subject: The Riverside Complex Reply with quote

It was cold. Admittedly not as cold as the day she'd arrived at Omerta's new home, but it was still cold.

Miara flexed her fingers and then moved them up to the side of her head, adjusting the sunglasses she was wearing, and making sure her hair was still in order. The wind had calmed down now, which was good as before it was rifling its way through her hair, making her look like a banshee (an entity of ancient myth, she seemed to recall). It had taken her quite some time to get it presentable once more, and that was important to her, so the time was spent.

She surveyed the scene in front of her. Quite beautiful, for a river right next to a city – the horizon on one side was full of green hills dotted with white, whereas the side she was on before was sprawling with constructs that she assumed were compensating for architects’ endowment elsewhere. Either that, or they had a massive surplus of construction materials. The river itself was reasonably calm and clear, evidently the businesses nearby were keen in maintaining the landscape, maybe they were corporate headquarters and they wanted an impressive façade for their customers, who knew, or cared for that matter. But this view, she could stand here for quite some time – time she didn’t have right now, so she compromised with a few pictures instead.

There was a solitary mound not too far from the water’s edge on the north riverside, and carved into the side of it was an unimpressive door, unfettered by scratches or dents. It looked like it was recently put in place, and she examined it before carefully opening the door. She was not expecting them to have security staff waiting for her, and indeed, she was left alone to descend the forty or so stairs to another door, which in this case opened swiftly before her, accompanied by a robotic welcome that sounded like it was a budget alternative of the Aura computer system. There was a desk with a male receptionist – Civire, not that it mattered, but unusual – who continued the greeting.

“Welcome to the building, miss…?” He gave the obligatory nauseating receptionist talk, so he was well-trained, and dull.

Miara lowered the bridge of her sunglasses, and peered over the frame. “Saionji. I have an appointment, I’m heading straight through.”

He didn’t appear to be one to halt her progress. “Of course. Please take one of our complim…”

She was out of earshot within a few seconds. This was far from the time for a free writing implement, or piece of food, she had a meeting. She had a map that she had procured in advance, of course – no asking for directions, that simply slowed down the whole operation. Door after door, and eventually she arrived at the heart of the operation, the CEO’s office. She was still confused as to why the CEO had an office right next to the database room, perhaps he was storing a few holoreels there that weren’t strictly business material.

She sighed. Time for another greeting. “Welcome, Miss Saionji. Mr. Caraaitan is expecting you.”

This time she half-smiled at the assistant, who promptly swiped his access key into the door and let her in. This one was a Deteis female, who was slightly more understandable in the role of chair-filler than the Civire “man” whom she’d first walked past. Beyond the door was the person she was here to see.

Felnur Caraaitan wasn’t the most attractive person to look at. He had obviously been sat in that chair for around two-thirds of his life, probably with the attention of some of the people on the holoreels in the database room. If she had time to check that out, she would, but she was more interested in concluding her business here. Felnur, however, was looking for business of a different sort…

“Miss Saionji, my dear – I hope you have had a pleasant trip here.” He watched her every move, as she took a letter from her belongings and placed it on the desk in front of him. She didn’t dare turn around, for the thought that he was already mentally undressing her. With the way this meeting was going to go, she would hopefully not have to deal with it for too long.

She took a business-like tone, completely neutral and unthreatening. “This message from your office confirms a shipment that I was due to have a week ago. I don’t have it, so would you tell me where it is?”

He chuckled, and his tongue slithered its way along his bottom lip. He was enjoying this far too much. “Ah, well, my dearest business partner, we’re still having some technical… issues.” He was squirming in his chair. This was starting to disgust her.

Miara nodded. “Ah, I understand.”

She pulled a light, smoothly-polished pistol from the bag she was carrying. She studied the gun for a few moments, and then the pig’s movements. It seemed that even this was exciting to him, he was starting to let little droplets of spittle drop onto his desk, and in one case, himself.

Enough of this. She took aim with her pistol, and emptied three rounds of tungsten bullets into the thorax of the man with whom, moments earlier, she was having a casual business conversation with. The entire atmosphere of the compound changed in a few moments. This was judged to be a low-risk operation by the company’s security detail, so there were few guards in the building. She had two minutes before the three or four guards were upon her, so she had time to collect what she had really come here for.

She kicked over the chair with the bloodied carcass - the blood started to pour onto the floor rather than pool in the thing’s lap, and she opened the drawers of the desk. The first one was filled with paperwork dealing with the company finances. Not what she needed. The second was filled with questionable reading material, which she promptly closed. The third attempt was what she was looking for, the man’s stash of company contacts, which she promptly took into her care.

She still had forty seconds, so she opened the door to the database room. There was a screen in the corner of the room showing an inventory listing, and next to it a small pile of holoreels that she didn’t want to watch any time soon. She picked them up, and carried them back to the CEO’s office. “Have fun, hope you enjoy them as much now.”

From there, she raised her pistol, and took several shots through the next door, taking out three of the guards in one go. The one remaining guard attempted to apprehend her in the next hallway, but she managed to slip the gun against his throat and fire, enabling her to get away while he struggled with the pain. From there, she put her gun away, knowing that the rest of the facility’s staff would not put up a fight.

Just before she left the building, she found the receptionist again. “I… I…”

She shook her head. He wasn’t worth the time, and she walked straight past him with nothing more than a slight glance, to see him trembling. She put her gun away and left through the same passage she used to enter.

Outside, the wind was back, and this time it had picked up some sand from close to the shoreline, which tried to bite into her face. She covered her face with her arm, and made her way back to the city, where lunch awaited.
Miara Saionji
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