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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 11:37 pm    Post subject: READ FIRST: Recruitment Information and Guidelines. Reply with quote

Prospective recruits: Please read this entire document.

You will have to accept the terms of our Corporate Code of Conduct (viewable here) before joining our corporation. We will not hire prospective members until they have read the code and agreed to uphold the values outlined in the document.

The following are criteria to be met by prospective employees of Omerta Syndicate.

Recruitment Page wrote:
» Candidates must be 18 years of age or older. We are looking for maturity, common sense, and the ability to do as you are told.
» Prospective members may come from any timezone, though we are specifically looking to increase our European fleet strength.
» Combat pilots should have 15 million or more skill points. Most, if not all of them, should be PvP related. This isn't always a hard rule, but the pilots we have recruited in the past who have not met this requirement have all been exceptional. If recruits lack the SP required, they have to demonstrate an ability to fight regardless, and fight well.
» Industry-centric recruits will be hired at 10 million skill points and higher. We require that these people have previous 0.0 experience and the know-how to keep themselves safe.
» Candidates should have a security rating of at least -1.9. We currently require members to be able to enter all security level systems at all times. We will allow those with lower security to join on probation status, during which time they must increase their sec, but due to our positioning it is typically hard for us accept outlaws.
» Candidates should be financially self sufficient. Corporate hangars are used primarily for logistics; ships and T2 modules most often used in combat are not typically supplied.
» All alternate characters of a given member must be placed in Omerta Syndicate. We will make exceptions only as the directorate sees fit.
» We will not recruit any players who use exploits to get ahead in EVE.
» We use Ventrilo and Teamspeak, and expect all members to have both programs installed, working properly, and access to a working microphone.
» Candidates should be team players, and must follow orders when given. We like members to be talkative and involved in corp ops, not many systems away and dead quiet.
» Omerta Syndicate is a “light RP” corporation. All candidates should be respectful of certain roleplayed environments in which our members may become involved, even if they have no intention of joining in. We believe that everything you do in EVE is technically roleplay (playing a role in the game), but we do not force members into traditional roleplay, and corp chat is completely “out of character.”


  • Character name (if slightly different than your forum name).
  • Player's age.
  • Timezone and hours you are available.
  • Current security rating.
  • How many skillpoints does your character have? Break them down by category or give us a brief overview of what you've trained as well.
  • What ships do you fly?
  • Are you self-sufficent?
  • Are you interested in roleplay?
  • Please list some notable previous corporations you've been in. Some personal player history is also helpful here. Killboard links and videos if you got them, too.
  • Under what circumstances did you leave (or why do you currently want to leave) the aforementioned corp(s)?
  • Out of all the corporations you've looked at, do you believe Omerta Syndicate is the best one for you? If so, why?
  • Do you have a microphone and the ability to use Ventrilo and Teamspeak?
  • Are you willing to follow orders from fleet command unquestioningly and with immediacy?
  • Do you have any experience leading gangs, and would you take the initiative to start a roaming gang should nothing else be going on?
  • Please list any current members you can use as a referral.

After you have made your forum post, management will contact you regarding an in-game interview. New rule: For security purposes, during the interview stage you may also be asked to take hi-res screenshots of your character selection screen(s), contracts history, and wallet Player Donations. At current, these are to be private messaged to Taes Valkiir.

Good luck to all applicants.
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