Yet another distress call...

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Davien Kaahtt

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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 4:19 am    Post subject: Yet another distress call... Reply with quote

Posted on behalf of a friend. Thought you should all see this

2006.05.15 01:34
Ms. Li,

I'm sorry to send this communication out of nowhere with no warning, but a friend and associate of mine, Davien Kaahtt said I should talk to you about a problem I have. He recommended you very highly. If I'm out of line, I apologize, and just let me know.

Basically, a corporation known as Dark Knights has declared war on my corporation because one of my members “annoyed” him in local in Orvolle. He wants us to pay 100 million isk plus 10 million isk per day ransom starting this past Monday. We are a new corporation who operates in the Caldari tradition; we are solidifying our capitol and assets before activating our military. The main reason for this, is that we are all relatively new pod pilots and are still working on our combat abilities.

We know they outnumber us greatly (their corp.information say 59) and they fly battleships and covert ops ships. My corp. is 5 strong and still trying to get our finances off the ground, as I mentioned before.

Simply put, we feel the ransom is nothing more than extortion and the act of pirates. We have a very strong anti-pirate practice and view. In fact, this is how I came to know Mr. Kaahtt and have flown with him on a few ops as he helps train me for combat. Based on what Davien has said and what I have seen in your web site, we would be proud to fly alongside you and follow your direction should you agree to help us in this war. What we can offer, for the time being, is ammo and limited tech level one equipment and ships. As we get stronger and more solidified, we might be able to arrange some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement.

As I said, Davien suggested contacting you to see if you could offer any help. If you want, we can provide chat logs on what started this and what's been going on since. I thank you for your time and again, apologize if I was out of line in contacting you.

Thank you,

Sinnon Xerud

CEO of Zero Hour Enterprises
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Gallente Shuttle Wreck

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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2006 3:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

We're looking into it.

I've sent him a list of Directors so we can get some more details and make a decision.
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