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PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 11:27 pm    Post subject: Approval Reply with quote

The faint echoes of the station announcement systems could be heard calling out above the chaotic noise of the station residents. Throngs of people moved along the walkways between stores, offices, and the hangars. Tall, dark skinned Minmatars towered over the smaller Gallenteans. Richly robed Amarrians walked next to their uniformed Caldari allies.

This far out from Empire space, there were no laws, no deep hatred from past occurrences, there was only the future and the unlimited possibilities of fortune it offered. Korthan marched, hidden in the deep masses of people, slowly making his way toward the corporate offices hidden in the far left section of the station. His standard gray and black uniform blending in perfectly with his surroundings allowing him to move unhindered.

While one could easily get lost and moved off course while transversing the massive network of corridors and open markets, Korthan had no problem. A digital layout stored in one of his many implants, kept track of his location and kept him on a straight path.

Fifteen minutes later, he stood before two solid doors. A small keypad stood attached to the wall, waiting for the right code to open the doors. Double checking the surroundings, Korthan stepped up and entered the code given by his contact. A small beep and click sounded as the doors silently opened inwards allowing him to enter.

The foyer wasn’t big, nor was it small. A few pieces of furniture were laid against the walls, while pictures and tapestries covered the dull, gray station walls. A single door on the left was the only other exit from the room.

Taking a steadying breath, Korthan walked through that door and entered a small office. A couple display panels were mounted on one wall, while the other housed containers and various records of unknown contents. Ignoring the accessories, Korthan walked over to a chair placed in front of the desk that dominated the room and sat down. Not a second later, a holo-display activated from within the desk and the portrait of a woman came to life.

“Ah I see you’ve finally made it and right on time,” she said with a wry grin. “Everything has been formalized and you’re all set for entry.”

“You made me fly all the way out here, to the ass end of nowhere just to tell me that,” Korthan replied, anger flashing in his gray eyes.

“Calm down, it was simply a last test of loyalty. If you came all this way to get the message of your application approval, it showed you were ready,” the woman said, a bemused look on her face.

“I see, but don’t expect me to show up with my arms wide open looking for hugs from you Kyoko,” Korthan replied, a smile tugging at the side of his lips.

“I wouldn’t expect you to, however some of the others might, but that’s not my problem now is it?” Kyoko finished, with a small giggle. “We’ll see you at headquarters and get you all settled in and then we can worry about getting all your assets sorted out.”

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll be there in a few days,” Korthan said, standing up to leave. He exited the small office and foyer to make his trek back to the hangar housing his ship.

This time he didn’t wait for the slow moving crowds of people, but activated his cloaking device and ran silently through the various side corridors of the station. Twenty minutes later, his assault frigate was undocked and already set on auto-pilot back to Empire space and his new home, Omerta Syndicate.
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