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PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 7:06 pm    Post subject: Rogue Reply with quote

He sat on his knees in silence, meditating, contemplating on the polished wooden floor of the wide and empty room. Only a small achurian altar lay upon the raised platform at the end, a remembrance to his ancestry although not once had he considered himself religious. Philosphical, perhaps, but religious certainly not. The odd and lack of any sound apart from the barely audible sound of generators deep within the station created the sense of stillness needed for him to meditate and think of options.

Mebrithiel and her pet 'doctor' had departed the ranks of the inquisition several weeks prior. Was a quiet affair, noone had been exactly notified, it all seemed to have been kept "hush hush" on a need to know basis. He did however, notice those paper on the desk, but decided that it would be best to remain silent about the entirety of the affair.

He felt a bit different to what he had felt when he first treaded the ranks. Burnt out with all the politics was definately one, but something, somewhere just felt different. He didnt feel as hot-headed as he used to, that spark was gone, replaced by the colder and more quiet aspect of being a Blooder, keeping things to himself and sharing with none. The Inquisition just didnt feel the same as it used to, sure it wasn't enough for him to make him want to leave or dislike the family, but it had brought out doubts and second-thoughts.

His acceptance of the contract was far more than a fanatical Sani Sabikist would think of, or any other random "pirate" scum would accept. The contract within the ranks of the Blooders had meant a lot more than satisfying the next bloodlust or paying for the next fentix trip. To him, being in the company of Blood Raiders meant hitting and destabilizing the Amarr Empire, and creating a significant threat to the State, for the State to grow strong - but at its present form, it was weak, decadent, and drunk on its own individualistic profits. His joining of the Imperator Templarii to begin with, was part of that Vision that the Caldari Foreign Service had laid out in one of their non-existent missions, omitted from the records and no longer talked about, let alone in hushed whispers. Although the Imperator Templarii plan of creating a stronger Khanid military presense to create adversity had somewhat worked, the untimely raid of Blood Raiders had destroyed all that work and effort that was put in; but by then the whole scandal of corruption within the CFS had broken out, and his cell was disbanded. He never heard about what happened to the others since.

Accepting the contract with the Blood Raiders had seemed to be a logical choice. They were more powerful than the Khanid paramilitary, lending to more hard military power being available to push along the interests of the State more forcefully, and more covertly. At least thats what he had thought at first. Now, things were different. There were good campaigns, some bad campaigns, several of the Amarrian paramilitaries weakened and crushed, but the recent relocation to null-sec Stain had brought out the hidden doubts and second thoughts within him, leading him to question his involvement, his purpose and his role. While being king of the new regions and senator of the corporate alliance brought envy to those that aimed for power, it was unwanted attention and position of leadership he didnt need nor want. He didnt mind at all leading the small tactical strike forces at enemy positions, but lately he had become far too involved in the politics and leadership of all those within the alliance that it had become a burden.

He opened his eyes slowly, his mind was still clouded, and his looking back at his past was not the meditation nor the emptiness of mind he was wanting to achieve. Placing both hands on wooden floor, he struggled to help himself up, the legs completely numb, but the pain was welcome in helping him to lay off the wandering thoughts. Grunting to himself, he wondered 'what now?". He could resign and retire, perhaps take up on several other offers that corporations and entities had offered him, but doing so would only attract the ire of the Blood Raiders - noone leaves to join another corporation without sacrificing something, and he was too high up the chain to simply disappear. Perhaps he could remain in the ranks of the Blooders at a lower leadership level and take some side-jobs as a change of pace.

Struggling to walk from the numbness, he trudged over to the nearest console, and setting it to text-only, looked at his list of references and contacts, all triple coded and encrypted, he found the contact he was looking for. He hesitated momentarily, the second thoughts and doubts creeping up with him yet again, but something would have to be done sooner or later and a path had to be chosen. Atleast if this option didnt work out, he could still remain with the Blooders.

Exhaling deeply, he typed out the one-line FTL communication to his contact :

'This is Twenty-Six, I want back in the business.'

Several minutes passed, and the small box in the corner of the holoscreen flashed to alert him that a reply had arrived.

'Long time no see 026, meet me in exactly 48 hours, you know the location.'

Letting out a slightly nervous sigh of relief, he deleted the messages and all evidence of its existence. 48 hours to get to Nonni V, Level C, Hangar Deck B43..... He would have to leave right now with his interceptor to make it in-time.

* * *

The hangar deck was the same old hangar deck that he had his appointments with the 'cell'. To the naked eye it was just any old hangar deck, with the exception that the hangar deck didnt exist in the station registry, with the access bay itself having the highest level security constructed with sentry guns on the wall to deter the curious.

The hangar itself was in shambles. It was evident that it hadnt been used nor had it been maintained, long forogtten. The air was cold stale, proof that the temperature and ventilation maintenance systems were partially offlined or simply broken. It was incredibly dusty, and the hangar lights were flickering from poor maintenance casting dancing shadows. At least the showers to rinse off the ectoplasm was still mildly functioning, to his relief, although due to the broken heating system he had to make do with cold water. Changing into a fresh set of clothes, with a woollen toque to keep his shaved head warm, he double checked his side-weapons that were holstered to his back hip. He allowed himself to feel the sheath of his combat knife and KK-standard issue 10mm pistol if only to reassure himself that he was armed - although this meeting in a hangar that didnt exist was bound to be safe, he didnt want to take chances.

He looked at his watch, it was exactly 48 hours and 23 minutes. His contact was late.

"Aaah Twenty-Six, glad you could make it", a voice called over from across the hangar, "was worried whether you would show up or not, having gone rogue."

Shifting a little he replied to his contact. "You're late."

His contact approached closer and shrugged "Only 23 minutes."

"You're still late. You lost your sharpness Joji"

The contact 'Joji' simply grinned and shrugged once more. "You still flying that frigate? Wouldve thought you would be flying something a little more extravagant since...", he continued, pointing at the Crow-class interceptor through the glass window of the hangar.

Leon simply shrugged off the comments. "You know why I'm here, I want back in the business."

The contact simply raised his eye-brows with mild interest. "Twenty-Six, you know that the cell was disbanded right before you went rogue, you still remember I hope? Those jobs you did for the cell, cleaning-up, they don't order those anymore."

"Yeah, how can I forget the fiasco. Well then, perhaps the good Captain Joji Ishitsugi can fill me in on events after I went "rogue" eh?"

The reply came with a blank face, "Colonel actually."

Slightly surprised, Leon raised his brow, not expecting that sort of a response. "Huh?"

The other just looked at his fingernails, "I made my career out of that. Some of the upper brass and politicians weren't too impressed with what the cell was doing. Y'know, the things you did; they werent too happy about those bodies of Guristas affiliates and spies that had infiltrated the system that turned up from who knows where. Apparently the other cell, not ours, the graveyard clean-up crew, fucked up. A leak was found and the uninvolved Generals and suits were quite unimpressed and ordered the entire thing to be erased.

The suits set up a task-force to erase any evidence of the cell's activities ever occuring, and so they cut me a deal; I gave 'em what they want, replaced the former cell leadership with something the suits could control, and made sure the cell never existed. In return, they gave me a healthy promotion."

Noticing some movement on the gantry walkway above, Leon traced the red laser-dot bead to a marksman he hadn't noticed when he first entered the hangar, now hovering right above his own chest.

"So that's how it's going to be then eh?"

The colonel finally looked up from his nails, just as uninterested.

"Yeh, that's how it's going to be."

((will write more when I can flesh out how Leon ends up joining OSYN))

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 7:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Anyways, here's the OOC aspect of Leon's backstory -

Leon's basically ex-Caldari Foreign Service. In my backstory, there was a covert ops programme called "Operation Green", where it involved the infiltration of Foreign Service operatives to hostile, terrorist organizations to create destabilizing movements and threats to the State as well as its enemies that threaten its national interest.

The whole idea behind that, is the political ideology of "Strength through adversity" which Leon believes in. For the Caldari to grow strong, it needs enemies to fight, instead of sitting on its money making ass and becoming lazy. By strengthening the Khanid paramilitaries, it creates military tension between the Khanid and the Caldari regarding military technology trading, as well as creating a potent and functional resistance to the Amarrians, because lets face it, a nation with a mantra that involves orbitally bombarding planets to "reclaim" isnt going to be permanently friendly for ever, and the State needs to keep its 'ally' in check so that it doesnt become too powerful.

Going back to the Operation Green story, Leon's tasked to infiltrate the Khanid paramilitaries, and joins up in the Imperator Templarii under the command of Azador Kavian and creates ties with the Relinquished corporation and other local khanid groups.

Right at the moment the the Blood Inquisition attacks the Khanid, the story goes on that another cell (referred to the "graveyard clean-up") that was supposed to be taking care of the bodies of guristas agents and sympathizers within the State hierarchy that were "replaced" somehow messed up and/or someone leaked information, creating a gigantic scandal that ruined the Caldari Foreign Service's covert operations programme.

The politicians and those generals/admirals (referred to as "the suits") in power that were jealous of the funding, decided they needed a change of leadership within the Foreign Service to make it more "politically controllable", afterall, if it became publicly known that the State was sending spies and operatives to destabilize the other empires, it would create a huge political mess. So at that point, the programme is scrapped, deleted from records, and the operatives are systematically hunted down and assassinated one by one to remove the evidence, leaving only Leon and another (referred to as Joji) as the ones remaining. Unknown to Leon, Joji had defected and sold out the pogramme to the suits - in return for information they wanted, he'd get a nice promotion and a healthy lump of isk.

At that point, Leon decides to join the Blood Inquisition to disappear and lay low for a bit, while being able to strike at the heart of the Amarr Empire using the Blood Raiders as cover. Several months pass, and with the Blood Inqusition forming the SKV alliance and moving into Stain, he feels that the amount of attention he's getting is unwelcome, and seriously dislikes the role of leadership. With SKV in Stain, he also no longer felt that he could carry on his mission with destabilizing the Empire, and decides to take a break and contact the other agent, Joji for "cleaning up" job opportunities.

He gets the appointment and is called to meet Joji in Nonni for a face to face meeting to get mission, but the suits and new Foreign Service had other plans. With Joji having supplied the information and being promoted, and Leon being the only one left, they lay down the plan for Leon to be assassinated. Afterall, the location where this meeting takes place doesnt even exist in the station registry and Leon is a blood raider affiliate, so it suits them perfectly.

And the story (above) ends where an assassin takes the shot on Leon.

And here's what im thinking should happen :

Talked a bit with Taes and Nooey, and I feel that with Zaitsev's extreme connections, he would somewhat know about Leon and have access to some of the easier-accessible files regarding State covert operations programmes, which would make Leon a useful person to have, due to being resourceful and having knowledge on the inner workings of the Foreign Service's cov-ops programme. Somehow, Zaitsev gets word of the assassination plan, and because Joji himself is on the need-to-know basis, he's simply assigned an assassin from a seperate Foreign Service cell. Zaitsev has the official Foreign Service assassin replaced with his own loyal assassin.

The assassin takes the shot on Leon, and fakes Leon's death infront of Joji, and goes as far to fake the confirmation shot(s) to the chest to make sure Leon is "dead". Satisfied with the clean-up, Joji tells the assassin to clean the mess up and dispose of the body, and goes off to report mission complete to the suit superiors.

Leon's carried off to some Zaitsev-funded medical facility and put through recovery, and Zaitsev comes over and says something like "you work for me now".

At that point, Leon's pretty fucking pissed that Joji and the Foreign Service fucked him over for the sake of their own individualistic political gains, and feels the need to clean house.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 9:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

\o/ I fucking love it
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Yuki Li

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 5:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's pretty damn sexy, tbph

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Isolde DeKatherine

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 6:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Shocked all i can say atm
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Kyoko Sakoda

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 6:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't have any problems with it. Very Happy
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Shintoko Akahoshi

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2006 4:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like it!

The biggie, I think, will be in figuring out Zaitsev's reasons for wanting Leon. It looks like you've got a good handle on this, though. Interesting stuff!

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2006 11:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Z may have heard of Leon's work and has been quietly following his career to see which way he would go before interceding.
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