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Another Nomad misadventure, I like the feedback I get from you all and going to keep striving to get better. Thanks N

Nomad’s Fury

“Are you sure the device will work, it seems every time we try to counter Nomad, he seems to out flank us” spoke the Gallentean accented voice from the speaker. The individual in the Roid Killers jumpsuit just shook their head affirming their answer. “We must be able to get those mineral rights soon or all the contracts we have arranged will fall through and we will come for you”. With a slight shudder the individual in the jump suit knew not to cross the Rat Pack again. “It will work,” muttered the figure.

“Commander Steel, sir, please wait,” shouted the young lanky teenager in the blue jumpsuit of a Roid Killer intern.

Stopping to see who was calling him, Commander Nomad Steel slowly turned supported by the cane in his right hand to see the youth. Seeing the lanky youth coming toward him, Nomad smiled to himself for he recognized the youth’s features. This must be the teenage son of the Roid Killers CEO Cynthia Sinn. Switching hands, Nomad put forth his right hand to shake and slow down the approaching teenager.

“Sorry sir, to catch you coming out of physical therapy like that” spoke the teenager. “But, I been wanting to thank you for coming out there and rescuing the crew and me”. Seeing the out stretched hand the youth shook hands. “By the way, my name is Joshua and I like to learn to fly as well as you do sir,” babbled Joshua to Nomad.

To himself, Nomad seen that Joshua had a strong grip, deep set eyes like his mother and what appeared to be a streak of mischief in him from the initial read of the youth. “Josh, may I call you Josh? Walk with me, I am headed back to my quarters for a break. The torturers got their pound of flesh from me and I like some rest. You would think with all the nano tech we have that they could heal you quicker, eh? But no the healing is faster, but still some time is involved and rehab. They cannot by-pass that yet. Did you know that Josh?’ as they walked down the wide hallways of the space station.

As the approached the section of apartments that the Roid Killers personal and guests used, a short Caldari chief in the black jump suit of Nomad’s prep crew approached. “Steel, how is the leg doing”? asked the short paunchy Crew chief.

“It is getting better Punchy, I just hate the rehab part of the treatment. What do you got for me chief” asked Nomad.

“I need you to sign off on the release of the Aries, MT just brought it over for you from Ono and we are reassembling the Aegis as well, but being a cruiser as you know sir takes a little longer” informed Punchy.

Looking to the Crew chief, as he signed the data board, “ Chief, we need to ge ……… as the hallway was soundly filled with loud noise, smoke, flames and warning klaxons. The force of the blast threw the three men to the ground.

Lifting his head slightly, the Crew chief looked around, and saw that where Nomads quarters were, there was now smoke and Halon mist emerging. Looking to Nomad, “Sir, who have you pissed of now” asked the chief as he passed out.

With a bent grin “Chief I have no idea, as a new pain coursed through his body, I have no idea” groaned nomad.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY IN DANGERING MY SON” shouted Cynthia to the reclined Nomad as the doctor was working on stitching him up.

With a slight grimace as Nomad turned his head to look at the upset Cynthia, “First of all I did not deliberately in danger your son, how was I supposed to know there was a bomb in my quarters. If your son and Punchy had not slowed me down, the door would have probably decapitated me. An Punchy and I took most of the blast, so our bodies shielded Josh. Now HOW IS MY CREW CHIEF AND YOUR SON” replied loudly back to Cynthia.

Taken slightly back, Cynthia took a second to regain the composure that made her a top notch CEO. “They both are fine and recovering well. Joshua asked me to check on you, so I thought I would stick my head in here and see”.

With a mischievous smile, Nomad looked Cynthia in the eyes. This was enough to break her resolve, she bent forward and quickly kissed Nomad full on the lips and left the astonished medical crew staring.

“Ok, folks, we got a mining operation in belt 9-1 for today. Initial reports are that a freighter is stuck there. It apparently mis-jumped and is awaiting heavy-duty tugs to move her to the station. The Rat Pack is apparently working in the Perimeter system harassing another Corp there so we should not have any trouble except for a few Guristas that may show up. Commander Steel, will be flying cover in his Aries, a Hawk class Assault Frigate”. Are there any questions asked Alf of the assembled haulers and miners. Seeing none, Alf, turned and left the conference room. Seeing that everyone was leaving, the traitor went to the command center, stopped at a comm station and typed a message that was immediately sent off.

From the catwalk, a tall man in a crimson jumpsuit watched as crews were trying to launch Commander Steel’s Assault Frigate. From the comm bead in his right ear, the crimson jump suited man smiled. He knew his little sabotage would delay the launch and the Rat Pack could descend upon the helpless crews in the belt. It would begin in a few minutes the attack, and Nomad for all his hollering over the comms to his crew to get his ship launched could not change anything. It was a small personal victory to hear Nomad fuss.

“Control, control, this is Roid Killer niner, we have multiple Rat Pack cruisers, frigates, my God, they got a battleship with them as well, we are under attack, where in the seven hells is Commander Nomad” shouted the frantic voice as the comm broke from jamming. The crimson jump suited man watched as chaos broke out as screams and begging came from the multiple comms channels.

“Control, the is Aegis, I have the situation under control. Begin operation charade and clear the crew out” calmly spoke Nomad over the comm set.

Thinking to himself, the crimson jump suited man was in a panic “Operation Charade, Aegis, what the hell, I need to warn off the Rat Pack”. With mixed emotions crossing his face, Alf turned to leave the control room to be greeted by his sister Cynthia, Sec Agents and Delia with a drawn laser pistol pointed at his navel.

“Going somewhere Alf? I had suspected you, but did not want to believe that you would do this to the Corp. Why?” asked Cynthia

“Why, easy, greed, I wanted more, an it was not right for father to leave the Corp to you. I shoulda got it not you, that’s why” shouted Alf as the Sec Agents and Delia frog marched him away.

“You poor fool, you would have had it all if you didn’t gamble” spoke Cynthia to no one in particular. “Buddha, watch over Nomad I have no idea how he will take on that small fleet” as she clenched and un-clenched her sweat covered hands in worry.

Emerging from the Warp stream, Nomad’s aggression counter had started. Seeing this he smiled to himself. “Aegis 6 to Rat Trap leader and Big Swatter, time to spring the trap”.

From the crippled freighters side, the glow of afterburners began to light up as ships came to life from the sensor shadow the giant freighter cast. “Rat Trap leader to all traps, lets going get them” spoke Twinis into her comm set. Four interceptors of various make, a Thorax, two Caracals and a Kestrel came out to meet the force of the Rat Pack.

From the comm’s came the Big Swat leader “Nomad, me and the boys are about to drop in. I got Aerek, Haz and Achi with me. They won’t like us in battleships” spoke the newly promoted ZenoDax from Gram.

Seeing three approaching Caracal’s, the Morgan, Drake and Blackbeard locked onto the nearest one. Roth was asking for back up when the Rat Pack Meg, opened up on Roth’s Caracal with all its batteries and drones. There was a momentary blue flash as Roth’s ships shields overloaded. Then the blinding white flash as the ship exploded. Roth’s pod did not get far before two Rat Pack cruisers pounced it. There was no comm’s from Roth as the pod disappeared from Nomad’s tac screen.

Nomad seeing Roth’s caracal disappear, did not have time to waste. Targeting his heavy missiles onto Drakes Thorax, Nomad fired into his friend’s hunter. Drake wanting to get closer to use his ships advantage, Nomad activated his MWD and kept the distance between them at about 20 klicks. With much jinking and twisting Nomad kept on Drake as he watched the Thorax begin to slid faster in to structure.

In her element once again flying her beloved Interceptor, Twinis and Nooey locked the Meg in Webbers and began to fire light missiles into the massive ship. They were buying time for the big hitters to arrive. Ruofan brought her Kestrel up close to eliminate the drones that were pestering Twinis and Nooey.

Yukki and the and the crew of cadets from Gram academy began to mix it up with the Rat Pack rabble. Over the comm’s the cadet’s voices were ecstatic with there first time in combat till the stern Yukki called for the unnecessary chatter to cease.

“Nooey, any bets on how long we can keep this up before the Big Hitters arrive” asked Twinis of her wing mate.

Thinking it over as they played with the Meg, Nooey replied “ Last time we bet, I lost and those pink pants did not look well on me for a week, no bets”.

“I promise nothing so outlandish this time, honest” replied Twinis with a evil grin.

“Ok, what are we betting for and what”, asked Nooey.

Grinning, Twinis knew she had him “Nothing much, I lose I wear the skirt and heels, you lose you paint your Interceptor hot pink with purple racing stripes. The bet is that the Big Hitters will not show in the next 30 seconds”.

Checking his tac screen, and comm logs “Sure why not” was his reply.

31 seconds later the Big Hitters arrived and Nooey asked in anguish “How Twinis”.

“Easy mate I asked Zeno to wait a second before showing, I already knew the jump in schedule,” replied the grinning Twinis.

The Rat Pack Meg, seeing the four arriving battleships tried even harder to break free from the Webbers. But the battleships from Gram just opened fire as Blackbeard tried to surrender.

As the flash of the Meg explosion filled a corner of his Tac screen, Nomad fired his last volley of missiles into Drakes Thorax. Drake’s ships went all red and exploded. Ilona near by caught the escaping pod at near point blank range with her Thorax’s blasters.

Seeing the extreme losses, Morgan made an emergency warp jump taking him and those remaining Rat Pack members. Being too tired Nomad spoke in his comm unit, “Do not pursue, they are broken head to the station folks, great job”.

Upon exiting the pod and wiping the protective goo from his body, a happy Cynthia jumped Nomad as she repeatedly kissed him and tried to talk the same time as she was attempting to stick her tongue in his mouth. Pushing her slightly away, Cynthia took a quick breath of air, “The Rat Pack commed us and dropped the War, WE WON”.

Later the pod pilots from Gram, Omerta and Roid Killers met in the stations lightly lit lounge as bad piano music was being played. Yukki, Zenodax, Nooey, Twinis, Aerek, Ruofan and Ilona were sitting around a table sipping drinks or in Twinis case smoking some Cal Gold were waiting on the final member of party.

Twinis noticed first as Nomad entered the lounge with a slight stoop of his shoulders noticed that something was wrong with his former wing mate. Nomad went to the bartender first and spent a few minutes talking with the man. Leaving the bar, Nomad was carrying a covered tray.

When Nomad approached, he did not speak to the gathered pod pilots. Nomad just began to uncover the tray he brought to the table. He quickly spread out the amber colored drinks in front of everyone. With what seemed like a practiced habit, Nomad used a lighter stick to light the amber drinks.

With a silent look Nomad picked up his flaming drink, everyone present picked up his or her drink as well. “To Roth, the finest pilot and friend a wing man could ask for”. With a breath Nomad blew out his flaming drink and threw it back to coat his throat. After everyone did the same, Nomad looked over his friends. “Roth’s clone did not activate, he did not make it. Anna commed me an told me the news”. Seeing the variety of looks on his friend’s faces, Nomad pushed the envelope one more time. “ I have resigned from Gram to take care of some business that I do not want to get the Corp in trouble for, I….. wish you all Good Hunting”. With that, Nomad turned his back and slowly left his stunned friends wondering what was going on.
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