Tyranny's Demise

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:32 pm    Post subject: Tyranny's Demise Reply with quote

Hi there folks,
This will be my first attempt at writing an English spoken short. Kinda new to all of this so bare with me Smile

“Darkness creeps into the skyline… We run, we try to hide. With a flash all became fire, as clouds turned to dust.”
Solomon Guthris 01/04/YC010

Tyranny's Demise

"As he looked up at the sky, it was glowing like fire, loud roaring like thunder crept through the air.
A once so mighty vessel, two million tons of twister metal racing to the earth like a fallen angel".

With a sudden impact the hull slammed into ocean. With its dying breath the titanic bulk erupted into a massive fireball. In the face of extinction, or worse the Matari would not think twice about sacrificing another Ragnarok.
Multiple explosions of remenants of nuclear ordenants lit up the sky.

'Roy! C'mon man we need to move, like now!'
- 'I cant believe they did that'
'It wont matter much longer if we dont move the wave will hit land in less then 15 minutes, we need to go'.

As the two ran up towards the jeep Roy took a last look over his shouder.
'That ship had over eight thousand crewmembers onboard. And the navy did nothing to help them'
-'They knew what they were getting themselves into. You cant jump a Titan in this close to a planet without getting caught in the gravitational pull.'
'Ok you know how to drive this thing?' -'Ehh maybe ive seen Matiz do it a couple times. Push that button to start the engine and thats the brake, the rest is done through the neural interface'.

'But I dont have any implants?!' -'You dont need those, just think hard about driving it will steer itself.' As Kyle thought about moving the jeep, it slowly started picking up speed.

As the made their way further uphill they found themselves to the mercy of burning debris falling from the sky. With each passing minute their chances of making it out alive grew slimmer.

'I think I see a clearing up ahead' Roy said.
-'We need to find a way off this rock. In about four minutes this place will be under water'.

'Arrent these cars equiped with homing beacons for emergency's?' -'I think so yeah'
Kyle franticly started searching underneath the seats of the car.
Suddenly he saw a box like device with a small dish on top.

'This has to be a transmitter! I'm trying it now'
As Roy took a gaze at the distant sea as it began to receed.

Kyle managed to startup the transmitter and talked into the earpiece'.
'Hello anyone there? We need help!'
-'This is Tribal Defence Force company Delta, state your intentions'
'Were stuck on a small peninsula of the south coast of the city. We need pickup like right now'.
-'Negative, the coastal region is too hot for landings. You'll have to find other means of saving yourselves. Stay off this frequency!!'
'You cant do this man! Please help us I'm begging you!'

The radio operator knew his orders, deny all civilians pickup unless officialy ordered by high command.

'Kyle we dont have long left I can allready see the wave. We have less them 3 minutes by my guess'.
-'You need to help us you cant leave us to die'

The radio operator looked back onto his console and sighed. Knowingly disobeying orders could mean a court marshall.
Hoping that by the time the fireing squad was ready to shoot him the guns would have seized up with rust he swilved his chair towards another person in the comms room.
'Braka! What do we have in sector 12 grid 5?'
-'Ehh a Jaguar and Probe are on recon searching for Amarrian fighters that crash landed'

'Tell them to intercept the following transmitter beacon i'm linking you'.
Turning back to the console he spoke through the microphone.
'Are you guys still there? Allright listen up, there is a patrol enroute to pick you guys up but its too hot for a normal extraction. The frigate is gonna drop a cargo container and you'll have to climb inside it'.

Ray looked at Kyle and both laughed out in joy.
'Hey I think i see them' In seconds the Probe took a pass and scanned the area for a drop trajectory.
By the second pass he ejected a container that slammed into the soil about 30 meters away from the two.

In the distance the wave had allready hit land and was rushing towards them at breakneck speeds. Towering high above the trees.
Roy just mangaged to shut the hatch as the container got pummeled by the wave.

'I'm having troubles locking onto the container. Feck it c'mon it needs to work'.
'Yes! i got it'.
The tractorbeam grabbed on and pulled the container out of the enslaught of water below.

The container was tractored into the hold of the Probe as it set course to rendevous with the main fleet.

'Well, seems we made it out in one piece afterall'.
'Yeah you can say that again, we got really lucky'

The container was opened from the outside and a crewman asked the two to follow him to the bridge.

Roy and Kyle followed through a narrow steel corridor.
Towards a rather small bridge.

'So you are the reason we had to break pursuit'


I might redo the entire story, as of yet its kinda incomplete so i'll see time to work on it soon

Meanwhile its well past midnight IRL and I'd like some sleep Razz but enjoy the beginning of my first fan fiction

In the face of the light all I saw was death, and all darkness followed after.
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Kale Ryoko

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very nice visuals you portray in this. I could practically hear the Ragnarok burying itself into the planets oceanic plate.

Nice read! Surprised

See you in space.
- Ryoko
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