Nomads Misadventures - Makanesi’s family #9

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Nomad in Makanesi’s family

“I miss you both very much” spoke a tear laden voice of Makanesi as he looked over the eight year old holo vid of him and his family. “I so wish you both were here with me” as he stroked the picture. About that time the door to Maka’s apartment slid open and in walked Nomad Steel.

“Hey mate, ready to head to dinner”, stopping in mid step, Nomad realized that something was wrong with Maka as he seen him touching the holo vid. Nomad caught a glimpse of Maka, with a beautiful women and a little boy, before it was turned off. “Yeah Nomad, I am ready for dinner, lets go”. Makanesi stood and walked out of the room with Nomad towards the turbo-lift. Beginning to squirm, Nomad looked to Makanesi, “You mind if I run back to you room and use the fresher unit”?

“Sure, make it quick, we can make the next lift” spoke Makanesi. With that Nomad turned and jogged back to Makanesi apartment. Upon entering the room, Nomad headed to Makanesi computer, and brought up the last picture. Working quickly, Nomad copied and emailed himself a copy of the picture, then deleted the sent mail. Nomad would check it out more later.
Leaving Makanesi apartment, Nomad walked leisurely to the lift to meet Makanesi. “Everything come out ok” asked Makanesi. With a reply, “Yep”. With that the duo entered the turbo-lift and headed to the mess deck.

Later in Nomads apartment at the top of the station, Nomad opened the holo file. Looking at the holo it self, there was a date from eight years ago. Thinking to himself, Nomad noted that Makanesi joined SOLST a few years after that picture. OK, lets see what we can find out about this. Making a deep space call, Nomad got a hold of an old friend. “Avatar, I need a favor, and have sent the picture and info already”.

From the other end of the comm. unit came reply, “You barbarian, no hello, how are you, what’s new? No, you just come straight to the point with no pleasantries, do you want to try again” spoke the voice.

With an audible sigh, Nomad started again, “Hey Avatar, how have you been. Been awhile since we talked, is life treating you ok”? With a slight giggle, from the comm unit came his replay. “Yes, my barbarous friend, much better. Now how can I help you”?

I have sent you a holo picture I need analyzed with an age growth program of eight years on the boy and women. Then any info you can provide me with on Doctor Makanesi of the Brutor tribe with a degree in Warp Mechanic Sciences, currently a member of Solar Storm Industries. “I have on contracted to you a case of 07 Gallente wine, not the recent 07 but from a hundred years ago for your troubles”.

“A 07 from a hundred years ago, this must be important to you”, spoke Avatar. “Yes, Avatar it is a personal matter, and I will hold for the info” spoke Nomad into his comm unit.

Hearing Avatars version of elevator music as he waited Nomad looked out the vast window in his apartment. Nomad watched as ships came and left the station. “Nomad” came Avatars voice from the comms unit, “Check your email, if you need more info let me know and I will help you out. A 07 Gallente case of wine buys a lot of goodwill from me. Avatar out”.

With a click, the comms unit turned off, Nomad turned to his email and opened the new file.
<Beginning of Report>

He was born a free Minmatar to former slaves, Makanesi did not know much of the cruel life that was the daily experience of many in his star cluster. Makanesi paid little attention to the propaganda that came mostly from the Brutors, and sought to improve his life by improving his mind. After finishing an apprenticeship in warp mechanics, Makanesi attended a University to do further research in warp field theory. He married and took a job on the outskirts of "lawful" territory to man a research outpost. The aim of his research was to better understand the methods pirate factions employed to move entire volumes of space from one location to another. These volumes were known as anomalies.

It was only a matter of time until the Cartel noticed that someone was studying their movements. Academic or not, the attention was not welcome. His family was taken by Cartel operatives and held in exchange for his research data. The wife’s name was Aaliyah and the sons name is Melech and current age is 13 years of age.

At the appointed time, Makanesi went in a shuttle to the meeting. From what I gathered Amarrian Security forces were tipped off to this meeting and ambushed the Angel Cartel forces. Makanesi shuttle was destroyed and he was found adrift in a space suit. We understand that Makanesi awoke in Penirgman, in a medical bay in the capitol district of planet 3. He received a box that was put by his side, was the stuffed wolf his son used to carry, and the ring his wife wore. The note on the box said "recovered from the wreckage of the Angel Cartel commander. This is what we were able to discover. So from that day, Makanesi no longer trained the mind, but learned the arts of warfare, and sought to avenge his family be destroying the professions of piracy in the cluster.

<End of Report>

The aging program showed a beautiful women and a pre-teenager, that resembled Makanesi but with more hair. Then the thought struck Nomad, current age. Could the boy still be alive, the thought raced through Nomads head. With that Nomad turned to his comms unit again to contact a old friend. “ Hey mate, if not busy meet me in Esescama’s station bar in two hours. I have sent you a name and photo I want you to check with MLF, please, drinks on me. Nomad out”.

Two hours later in the bar of Esescama’s station, walked a Minmatar women with a no nonsense attitude. Some folks began to reach for there holstered weapons, but a glance from the women changed her mind. Nomad just shook his head, Twinis never changes he thought to himself. As Twinis approached, Nomad got up and armed grasped his friends arm. “Long time my friend, I did not realize you went underground”, spoke Nomad.

Twinis took her seat where she could see anyone entering the bar. Looking to Nomad, Twinis began, “ I found what you wanted and I am sure Avatar can get you some more info as well. Yes your target is alive and will be there. When can, see if you can get some more information on one Lord Vitreous Fluid, 3rd cousin to the Amarrian Empress. If you need anything else let me know”.

Looking to his friend, Nomad slid a pill bottle across the table to Twinis. “They’re Blue, something for your help”. With a smile Twinis took the bottle and got up and left the bar. Nomad waited a few minutes and followed suit.

Leaving the hanger bay in his Manticore, Nomad recalled Avatars message on manners before placing his next call. With the call going through as Nomad jumped into Dital, “Doctor J, hey its Nomad, how are you doing? Been a long time since I chatted with you”.

“Cut to the chase Nomad, I am busy” replied Doctor J. Thinking to himself, I cannot win for losing about this manners thing, sigh. “Doc, I need to borrow “The Body” for a job, please”.

“What is the reason for the request, Nomad, the last time it was kind of left in rough shape, if you recall” spoke Doc J. The comm bleeped for a sec as Nomads Manticore jumped into KBP and burned for the Pig Sty. Phrasing the words in his head, Nomad gave his reply to Doc J. “Doctor, you have me do jobs for you to meet your needs and agendas. What I am going to do is for a friends honor and family. You know I follow through on honor and concept of family. I even consider you family which is why I do not constantly ask like others have had”.

The silence from the comm unit was interrupted as the Pig Sty’s docking message was relayed to the ships computer. “You are right, you have never asked, I always asked of you and yes I do think of you as the son I could never have. Come and get the body, you will get to keep it this time and will need two weeks to get reacquainted with its capabilities. I will see you in a few hours then”?
‘Yes, sir, you shall” replied Nomad.

With a that thought Nomad hurried to get out of his pod and head to Gaogan’s office. “Hey Nomad put on some coveralls” shouted a tech, Nomad stopped and looked down, “Damn”. Nomad turned and grabbed a towel and wiped the pod gel from his body. Gabbing his station coveralls and towel wrapped around his waist Nomad headed to the turbo-lift.

Going to his apartment, Nomad grabbed some gear from his closet and threw them into a backpack. Stopping, Nomad made a comm call again to Avatar. While waiting for the call to go through, Nomad sent a email to Avatar with a small list of programs he would like to get. “Avatar here” spoke the voice from the comm.

“Hello Avatar, the contract has been sent, the wine shall arrive in 2 hours. But I need some info on a Lord Vitreous Fluid and some programs. I have emailed you a request of what I need if you can process it”.

“I got your email and will have the information for you. Where do you want it sent” asked Avatar.

Nomad smiled, knowing Avatars jaw would drop when he told him where to send it. “Send it to Doctor J’s drop box please”. On the other end of the comms unit in a Caldari space, Avatar jerked in his seat. Must be bad, if he is seeing Doctor J, thought Avatar to himself.

Taking the turbo-lift, Nomad stopped on the admin level that housed the SOLST offices. By-passing Gaogan’s secretary, Nomad stuck his head into Gaogan’s office. “Gao, will be gone from 6-8 weeks, see you when I get back”.

Looking up from his desk, “What, who, why, NOMAD!” shouted Gaogan to the fleeing Nomad. Moving quickly, Nomad ran to the turbo-lift and headed to the hanger deck. Moving quickly, Nomad prepped his pod and had it mated with his Manticore. With in minutes, Nomad was headed deeper into Providence space.

7 weeks later, a Claw Class interceptor jumped into KBP. “Pig Sty hanger control, this is Nomad Steel, requesting permission to dock. Also please have Makanesi meet me in SOLST hanger area”.

In the mess hall, Makanesi wrist comm started buzzing, the LCD display showed a request to meet Nomad Steel in the SOLST hanger bay. Go to the Black claw at docking station 324 Delta. Makanesi finishing his drink, got up and told the rest he would be back. Walking down the hallway to the turbo-lift, Makanesi wondered where Nomad had been for the last 2 months.

Hitting the turbo-lift, Makanesi rode it down to the hanger. After leaving the turbo-lift, Makanesi saw the black claw, an Nomad standing in the hatch way. Waving, Makanesi walked to the ship. Walking up the ships ramp, Nomad momentarily disappeared from view which caused Makanesi to walk in further. The last thing Makanesi remembered was Nomad in Angel Cartel body armor and a gun in his hand.

In his dreams, Makanesi remembered his wife and son. The fun they had, they love making with his wife and playing with his young son. Then the pain, the pain in his arm, all over his body hurt, the dream fading , the headache in his head. Opening his eyes, Makanesi felt some pain behind his eyes, and a his arm hurt. Focusing, he seen he was sitting in a cockpit chair. Sitting next to him was Nomad, piloting the ship without using his implants. “Where, where are we” asked Makanesi groggily.

Nomad turned his head, an smiled a smile he never seen on his friends face before. The smile showed nothing but pure malice in it. “Slave, Makanesi, there is or was a bounty of a half a billion ISK on you from the Angels Cartel. I am going to collect it”.

“What have you done to me, I feel like I have been beaten, where are my regular clothes, and why the shackles”, asked Makanesi with a confused look on his face.

Nomad not looking, replied, “ You resisted capture so had to be beaten and drugged. The shackles are so you do not escape. Like I said you made me a half a billion ISK and we are docking at the Angels station in N-CREL. It is a minor HQ for Angels and I am taking you to the assayer for my bounty”. Feeling lost, all Makanesi just slumped into his seat feeling dejected and defeated.

After the docking procedures, Nomad began ship shut down procedures. Reaching over, he grabbed Makanesi as if he was like a rag doll. Makanesi never realized that his friend was so strong. Being frog marched through the ship to the hatch. Makanesi was then just about dragged to the Assayers office.

Passing Angels technicians, officers and some Minmatar slaves wearing shock collars, Makanesi was frog marched to a office. Opening the office door, Makanesi was shoved into the office with a hard push between the shoulder blades. The assayer sitting behind a computer desk looked up from his work. “What do you have here”?

“Bounty to be collected on one Makanesi of the Brutor Tribe. I want to collect my half-billion on him and be on my way”, spoke Nomad. Here is a DNA sample as per requirement for bounty collection, as he handed it to the assayer. As the assayer went to grab the DNA sample, Nomads left hand whipped up with a laser pistol in it. Nomad then calmly shot the assayer between the eyes.

Moving faster than Makanesi thought possible for a human, Nomad was behind the assayer’s desk, pulling out a min- comp and hooking it up to the desks computer. When the hook ups were complete, Nomad placed a electronic key to the shackles and they fell to the ground. Still in shock, Nomad produced a hypo syringe that he placed on the side of Makanesi neck. With a hiss, Makanesi started to feel better.

Nomad looked directly into Makanesi’s eyes, “You with now, I had to do and say what I did, so you would act a certain way to make it look legit. Now we are going to rescue your son and get off this station”. Makanesi gathering his wits shook his head.

Pulling his pack off his back, Nomad opened it up and began to hand what looked like a Angel Cartel uniform. Reaching into his pack, Nomad placed officer tabs onto his shoulder boards, then went to the mini-comp. “Virus have been injected Makanesi as well as a few surprises. Your son is on slave pen located on deck 33”. With a shocked look on Makanesi’s face, “My, my son is still alive” gasped Makanesi. With a smile, Nomad just smiled. Then the station rocked from explosions and alarm bells began to ring.

Makanesi looked to Nomad, “ I spent last few weeks on board this station impersonating a technician to learn my way around and plant some surprises. That was a secondary ship bay going up and the Minmatar Freedom League should be launching there attack as well. With the confusion we can grab your son and get out of here”.

With that the duo entered the crowed hallway and made there way through the crowd to the nearest turbo-lift. Nomad using his authority as a Angels Officer to commander the turbo-lift. While riding the lift, Nomad fiddled with the mini-comp entering info. “We will have some back up on the hanger bay when the time comes, but it is limited”. “Ok”, replied Makanesi.

Getting off on deck 33, the duo walked to the guard station. Showing his credentials, Nomad requested to know which cell Melech was in. The guard looking puzzled, looked in his computer files. Cell 33B2 spoke the guard. As the guard raised his head, the last thing he saw was a laser pistol. “Being a little bloody Nomad” asked Makanesi?

Nomad reached over, entered a series of commands and the cells on Deck 3 opened. When no one showed there heads, Makanesi removed his helmet and shouted in his native tongue. “אנחנו כאן על מנת לשחרר אותך ולעזור לך בטיחות, להזדרז בבקשה. מלך איפה אתה אני כאן בשבילך את הבן שלי” (We are here to release you and help you to safety, please hurry. Melech where are you I am here for you my son). With that a old Minmatar man approached Makanesi and Nomad. My name is Yair, “I am the leader of this group of slaves, an we speak galactic standard. Is it true you are hear to release us good sirs”?

My name is Eae and this is Makanesi of the Brutor Tribe, we are here to rescue you and Melech, who is Makanesi son. Maka hearing a different name began to say something, when Nomad minutely shook his head. “Your name is Eae, that is the Angel who is the protector from Demons, there is a legend of such a Angel rescuing the Minmatar people” spoke Yair. With that a young Minmatar male of roughly 13 years of age came to the group. “I was told to come here Yair” spoke the young teenager.

“Melech?, your alive” cried Makanesi as he grabbed his son to his chest. Makanesi could not believe his young son was alive. Moving his head back, both father and son had joy in there faces. “Father, your alive as well” spoke Melech. “What about Jasmine”? “Jasmine, who is she” asked a questioning Makanesi?

“Why father, she is my sister, mother had her about 8 ½ months after we got here. Mother was with child, and was going to surprise you, she told me one night” replied Melech.

“Where is your mother now” asked Maka? She has been dead since after Jasmines birth, the women tended her till she was old enough” explained Melech. “Where is she now” asked Maka?
Looking at his father, Melech told his father, “ In Lord Vitreous Fluid’s quarter’s deck”.

Taking quick command of the situation, “Maka take the rescues folks, and your son to the deck where the claw…”, then the decked rocked from a massive explosion. Pulling out his mini-comp, Nomad looked at the display. “Cancel that, go to Deck 2, ring 3 Delta Alpha, there is a Republic Fire Tail is there, by the time you get there the engines will be warmed and awaiting your pod commands. I will have the system hacked and ready for you. Now go, I will rescue your daughter”.

With that Nomad went the opposite way as Makanesi herded the 30 freed slaves to the large freight lift. Once all were in aboard, the lift went directly to the Deck 2. When the doors opened there stood 15 meters away a Angel’s guard team of 12 . As Makanesi began to lift his weapon as the guards turned to fire, laser fire from above tore into them. Sticking his head out of the lift, Makanesi saw floating combat drones. So that was what he meant I would have help thought Makanesi. Pointing to the waiting frigate, Makanesi hurried, his charges to the ship. His son, lagging, “Father, what about Jasmine”? “No, Eae, will bring her, he keeps his promises and then some.

On Lord Vitreous Fluid’s deck, Nomad was busy dodging laser fire, as he two handed shot blasters from each hand. Knowing what might meet him, he changes weapons for the murderous on sought he knew would await him. With a mid air turn, Nomad fires twin bolts into the last guard that was coming from around a door. Seeing the most ornate door, Nomad proceed to it to find it locked.

Taking his mini-comp out once again, he entered a code and the door slid opened. From inside came a laser shot that knocked Nomad off his feet. “I got the intruder” shouted Lord Vitreous Fluid. As Lord Fluid moved forward to check on his kill, Nomad sat up and shot the weapon from Lord Fluid’s pudgy hand. Jumping up and moving like lightening Nomad was besides Lord Fluid.

Slapping shackles onto the pudgy Lord, Nomad tossed a blaster to a stunned looking, but very beautiful Minmatar slave women. “Cover him please, I am here to rescue Jasmine” and looking the lady up and down any one else that wants to go”, spoke Nomad. “I am Jasmine” spoke a very young voice. From memory, the young girl looked like her departed mother.

“Ok, here is the plan”, as the station rocked multiple times. The women called her companions and led Lord Fluid away. “You like butterfly, come with me, your father Makanesi awaits you” spoke Nomad. With that, he grabbed the young Jasmine under his right arm and ran to the nearest turbo-lift.

Upon reaching the Deck 2, Nomad started at a run toward the Republic Fire Tail, laser fire began to pass Nomad. Stopping behind a crate Nomad saw many, many guards coming from multiple lifts, more than the combat drones could handle. “Run little one, like you have never ran before to the ship, your father and brother await” spoke Nomad as he stepped into the laser fire and began to return fire.

Running fast as her little legs could handle, Jasmine did not look back, but ran to the ship into the arms of her brother. Melech then lead her to the cockpit where Makanesi was looking through the camera drone. From the drones prospective, between, the combat drones and Nomads amazing shooting, the numbers were dwindling. Then a explosion blanked the camera drone, reacquiring the picture the guards and Nomad was gone. Going to full power, Makanesi shot the Fire Tail out the hanger into space.

A voice came over the ship comms unit shook Makanesi from his shock of seeing his friend apparently die. ‘This is Twinis, is that you Nomad”, “No, this is Makanesi, he did not make it ” replied Makanesi. After a moment of silence, the voice came back. “ We must go, our raiding forces have rescues many of the other slaves, we will mourn later”. With that the ships of the MLF began to warp to the nearest gate and freedom.

4 weeks later, Gaogan received a notice of a package that would be waiting in the SOLST common room. The wrist comp of Makanesi began buzzing as he was rough house with his nearly acquainted children. The message said report to the common room. Gaogan and Makanesi meet on the same turbo-lift as it was going to the deck that housed the SOSLT common room. “You got a message too Maka” asked Gaogan? Maka just shook his head as he tousled the hair of his son.

In the common room, the pilots were standing around a box that seemed to be growling. “Hey Gao, this package addressed to you” spoke Tad. Walking to the package, yes there was growling coming from the bow. Gaogan open the box and out jumped a Yorkie Terrier that immediately piddled on Gaogan’s foot. Tad reached in and opened the letter that came with it. It read, Hey Gaogan, I thought you needed a pet to keep you focused, signed Nomad.

“There is also a holo cube here from Nomad as well” spoke 0013 as he placed it into a holo player. Onscreen, there appeared a image of a fairly large island in the middle of some unknown ocean. As the camera began to zoom in there was evidence of a rather larger mansion, a swimming pool, what look like 3 landing pads and what looked like a Dramiel on a 4th landing pad. As the drone camera zoomed in on a group of people on the beach. It did a close up of Nomad reclining back in a beach recliner wearing shorts, sporting a nice tan, surrounded by what looked like two very beautiful Minmatar beauties. Zooming in a bit closer, the audio began to cut in. “Hi guys, my doctor, Ziva,” pointing to the beauty to his left and my “Personal Chef Tara” pointing to the beauty on his right, “Have put me on light duty saying I am stress and not been properly feed right. So I will be back when they release me” waved Nomad to the camera as it faded to black.

Gaogan seen the picture fade, stood there for a minute, then “Tad take some folks and find that wayward pod pilot and bring him back”. Faridah, spoke up, “ I think it is better that I get him so if there are more women there, they cannot sway Tad & crew into letting Nomad stay longer”. Thinking about that for a minute Gaogan approved that.

As this was going on, Maka’s wrist comp buzzed again. The message on the LCD read; “You bank account has been credited 2 billion ISK for your children’s education”. Then a 2nd message showed up. From sources with in the Minmatar Republic, Lord Vitreous Fluid in a fit of insanity before leaving known space has donated all of his sizeable holdings and funds to various Minmatar Charitable Funds. When the Amarrian Empress was questioned on the matter of her 3rd cousin she had no comment. Smiling to himself, Maka wondered what Nomad did to him.

Aboard an Angel Cartel deep space station, the new slave kept ranting. “ I am Lord Vitreous Fluid, take me to your leader now scum”. The guard just applied the lash to the slave and as suggested showed the new slave a mirror. “For sure I thought Lord Vitreous Fluid was a male” replied the guard. As Lord Vitreous Fluid looked into the mirror began to scream louder, as the body was not his pudgy male one, but that of a young female Minmatar slave women. “Come on slave, the Officers are going to like you being a virgin and all” spoke the guard as he dragged the now female Lord Vitreous Fluid to the Officers deck.
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