Nomad's Misadventures - Greeny's Rescue #8

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:27 am    Post subject: Nomad's Misadventures - Greeny's Rescue #8 Reply with quote

Nomad in Greeny’s Rescue

“So Nomad, you been back about 11 months now?” asked Yawgmoth. Turning from the view that Nomad was admiring, “Yea, been close to 11 months now, glad I am back. Killing Gallentes with Omerta Syndicate was fun, and working for Lacey with her corp was ok, but to be honest I missed the folks with SOLST”.

“I can understand missing the folks here, we do make a good family, but why do you always get quarters at the top of the station?” asked Yawgmoth as he looked over the vast station from there view. “Never mind I think I know the answer now, it is the view and those that really want you, have to do the long walk”.

System 5i08-U, 2 ships emerge from the jump bridge bring them over from KBP system. The Abaddon class battleship moved to a holding position between the bridge and the tower. The Impel class transport, kicked in its micro warp drive to make the distance shorter to get to the refueling area of the tower.

“Greeny, what does you scans look like so far” squawked the comms unit into Greenys brain. Smiling to himself, Greeny thought about the nice dinner plans that he had made plans for him and his wife Blacky who was refueling the tower. “So far, everything looks good babe, just take your time and do it right, then we can get out of here”.

“Raider leader to all raiders, when the Impel begins to exit the force field, the virus will turn off the guns and we can attack the Abaddon, then 2nd flight can intercept and board the Impel for the goods,” commanded the cloaked leader.

Working as fast as her Deck Boss could using the manipulator arm and drones, Blacky’s crew began transferring gear to the corporate hanger array, as small tugs began transferring various materials to the tower it self to keep it running. Blacky was thinking about the dress she would wear for her husband that night for dinner. Maybe the shear red one with the gold trim, yes maybe that one he would be amorous later if she wore it.

After 30 minutes of painstaking transfers, Blacky’s Impel dropped of the needed supplies and picked up the rat loot deposited by mission runners. As the Impel lined up to proceed to the jump bridge, the virus had a flaw in it and the sentry weapons systems began to go offline.

Greeny seeing the change on his HUD, hollered for Blacky to kick in her MWD to make the bridge, he had a bad feeling that something was going to go down. With mental commands, Greeny began the process of re-onlining the weapon grids. Simultaneously, Greeny gave orders for guns crews to battle stations and the damage control parties to suit up. As this was happening, 4 bombers uncloaked.

The 4 bombers uncloaked 15 km from Greenys Abaddon, where they immediately fired off 4 bombs each. One void and three shrapnel bombs arced from the bombers as they began a high speed retreat from the stationary Abaddon. The bomb blasts rocked the ship as the capacitor dropped to nearly zero from the void bomb hit and the armor repaired whined as there was not energy to begin repairs from the shrapnel bomb hits.

Greeny looked over the damage signs flashing on his HUD screen and mentally gave the order for a Cap Booster 800 to be feed into the capacitors energy reactor to get weapons online. Seeing some energy returning, Greeny gave a mental command to lock on the fleeing bombers as the crews manned the weapons.

As this was happening, Blacky red lined her MWD to get to the jump bridge. She watched in horror, as Greenys battleship rocked from internal explosion, but he we fighting his ship. For this she was secretly pleased. But her pride turn to utter horror as 6 assorted Battleship, 12 assorted Battlecruisers and other myriad cruiser and frigates appeared. The last thing Blacky saw was Greenys Abaddon battleship warping off and the message “I am going to try to outrun them” that came from Greeny as she jumped the bridge.

In the space station called the Lions Den, Yawg & Nomad were in the ships lounge sweet talking a pair of twin blonde beauties from Tanaka Trading. “Now, you should have seen Nomad, he was fighting like a mad man against those Serpents in that little captor he likes to pilot, he was running all over that field and they could not catch him. So with them distracted, I dropped from warp in my Harbinger bringing down the righteous fire that only a battlecruiser can. An that is how I saved Nomad that day” boasted Yawg.

Looking at his friend Nomad shook his head, “The way I recall it I saved you when I dropped in with my Hurricane and saved you in that cruiser you were flying”. Both twin girls just giggled as the waitress brought another round of drinks for the four some. As they enjoyed the drinks and snacks, a grey clad messenger walked up to the table. “Directors Steel and Yawgmoth, you are ordered to head immediately to the SOSLT hanger deck over in the PIGSTY, per Director Blacky Knight”. As they left the table, Yawg turned around and one of the blondes mimicked the call me sign.

“Nomad, you did get there comm. number right” asked Yawg. Stopping in the turbo shaft as the doors began to close, Nomad looked at Yawg. “No I thought you got them”.

As the ceptors were guide to there grav cradles in the SOLST hanger area at the PIGSTY, Black Knight stood there in her black jumpsuit with red trim, hands on her hips as she was waiting impaiteintly for the 2 pilots to de-pod.

As Yawg and Nomad approached Blacky, you could see the stress she was under begin to leave as she new deep in her heart that these two men could do what she needed. Giving Blacky a hug, Nomad looked Blacky into her eyes. “What is wrong and where is Greeny, he is supposed to be here already”.

“We got ambushed in 5i08-U by unknowns, they were not flying any transponders. Greenys battleship was hit hard. The last thing I saw was him warping off as I jumped the bridge. Many of the crew that survived jumped the bridge in lifeboats before the bridge went off line. The survivors, say that the bridge took a direct hit and the damage control crews took Greeny from his pod and placed him in a life boat. That boat did not make it out, but the message the others got was that the life boat was headed to the surface of 5i08-U1 a desert plant. I need you both to see if you can rescue him, please”.

Yawg reached over to Blacky as tears began to streak down her cheeks. Whispering to Blacky, “You got one of the best pod pilots in the corp and the best SF operator here as well. Between Nomad & I we will rescue Greeny while you rally the troops”. Wiping the tears from her cheeks she patted Yawg on the cheek and headed to the turbo shaft elevator that led to SOLST HQ floor.

With Yawg looking at Nomad, “What trick can you pull out of on of your containers this time?” With a wicked smile, Nomad motioned Yawg to follow him to his hanger area. Getting to the key pad, Nomad began to type in a series of commands. A robotic drone tug appeared and began to pull a container from a rack, as a overhead crane maneuvered into position to receive the container. While that was happening Nomad began talking on his comm. unit.

With in a few minutes the rusted, tan camouflaged container was placed 10 meters away, and 3 individual came from the direction of one of Nomads ships. Walking over to the container, Nomad entered a 9 digit sequence into the security pad that locked the container tight. With a slight groan, the container opened showing a myriad assemblage of gear.

“Ok, Yawg we got 2 plans we can try. Since you’re a better stealth pilot than I, we can take your Manti in and land on the planet landing near the life boats ELT. The other option is these babies, 4 personal insertion torpedoes and 2 gear torpedoes to use if there is a enemy cap that might prevent you making a planet landing. The insertion torp will carry 1 person each the other the addition gear we would need. Also the 2nd personal torps and 1 gear torp will follow the team leader. So 2 follow me and 2 will follow Remus. Then we will find & secure the crash site, you land , we load and haul ash”.

“Damn, Yawg what was wrong with you cloak not activating, we got hull damage, you won’t be able to land. We will have to do the torp insertion, then you will have to return to get us instead of staying cloaky until we need you. Since we got 3 more jumps, let me modify that bomb you got in your launcher I got a idea, in case you’re spotted during your missile firing”.

Checking his HUD and other displays Yawg seen where the enemy ships were in relative position of his. Running quick scans between cloaks, Yawg pinpointed the firing solution to release the torps and the modified bomb. What worried Yawg, was the 3 interceptors that seemed to be getting closer to where he was aligning his ship. Speaking into his comms, “Nomad are you ready to be fired? Everything looks good and will drop our plan when I get back to the Sty. Some of our mates are there waiting for the plan we got”.

“We are 5 by 5 Yawg, uncloak and fire quickly” answered Nomad

Uncloaking again, Yawg fired the modified bomb, then moved on under MWD to fire the torps in 2 cycles of 3. The alert interceptors seeing the Mantis uncloaked burned there way to Yawg, only to disappear in a blast. The modified bomb was set up to work as a proximity mine with its transponder screaming “I am a container, I am a container”, the ceptor pilot never knew what hit them. With the torps away, Yawg engaged the cloak again and headed to the gate to get the reinforcements.

Burning through the stratosphere, Nomad got to thinking about he should had rechecked the shielding on this torp, it seemed to be getting a little warm. To focus his attention, Nomad started checking his tactical HUD to see where the other torps were and there altitude until retro rocket burn then chute release.

Was not long when the bump of the retro rockets began to fire slowing the descent of the speeding torps as they came through the atmosphere. Slowing down, the grav unit with vector rockets kicked in. The landing was as soft as sitting down on a goose down filled bed, as the 4 landing legs deployed then the torp itself spilt into 4 parts like a flower opening to receive the sun.

Moving quickly, Nomad and his marines unassed the torps and began to gather there various gear from the cargo torps. Once the desert still suits were passed out, weapons, personal gear placed on, Oyzon using the ELT finder showed the direction to head. Oyzon looking at Nomad, “ We got a 5 klick march, but should have not problem with the exoskeleton assist”.

Before going over the last sand ridge, Nomad signaled a halt. Using hand motions, he signaled that they should low crawl the last few meters to the ridge ling to observe what was to observe. Making it to the ridge line, Nomad used a set of Electro-binos to scan the draw below. What he saw made him have to reform a another plan. There was a grounded Condor frigate and the life boats crew was surrounded by 6 gunmen.

Sliding down from the ridge line, Nomad motioned his men to him. Taking a plug Nomad plugged into Remus helmet, where Remus plugged into Oyzon and Oyzon into Blues. “Ok guys, here is the deal, Blue load one AP rocket into the RPG, the rest set up for a linked sniper shot to your 2 targets. I am sending the drone, then linking the targets for the shooters, Blue hit the gang plank where the other 4 crew members are. Once they are down, we will continue down the hill as Blue will then switch to his sniper rifle and cover us, until the hostages are secured”.

With the little remote in hover mode and targeting the gunmen, it transmitted to each of the shooters the gunman they would take. Nomad motion his team to get online. Once they were online, a countdown on there personal HUDS counted to zero. At zero Nomad and his team crested the ridge and opened fired.

“Gaogan, Nomad has suggested this plan of attack and I believe it will work if we can pull it off and depending who we got to do a Cyno” spoke Yawg. Gaogan looking at his data slate, “Well the only person who can pop a cyno to use the assets we will need is Theo if he volunteers, which should not be a problem”.

“Nomad came up with this plan?” asked Robster. “Hey he may not be the best pod pilot there is, but he does have a head for tactics, and I support what he thinks”, spoke Yawg to the young Caldari pilot.

Looking at the smoking ruin half of the frigate, Nomad was shaking his head and thinking what kind of torture he would do upon Blues body for the foul up. Looking at Blue with menace in his eyes, Blue placed his hands up defensively. “Seriously, I thought you said AT, my link not been up to par”.

“Oyzon, how does Greeny look” asked Nomad to the team medic? Looking up at his team leader, Oyzon spoke “ He is suffering from neural dump as well has some physical wounds from the damage his pod took. We will need to get him off planet very soon or he will not make it 24 hours”

Standing up, Nomad gave orders for the hover jeep in the hold of the condor to be removed and everybody ready to move out from here. He seen earlier contrails in the distance of craft searching the skies, the Condor crew must not have reported there position in he thought. Continuing to watch the distant horizon, Remus tapped Nomad on the shoulder. “We got the jeep loaded, now what Nomad”?

Looking at his 2nd, Nomad point to the distant horizon where the contrail were fading. “We head that way since they have looked there”.

Tadamistsu in his Scorpion, followed by Robster in his Loki, Darth Kidd in a Apoc, Makanesi, Mishasama and Yawg in Battlecruisers, the small fleet was a jump out waiting on a signal to jump into 5i08-U. In KBP a special fleet waited for a word as well.

“Time to slow down Remus, we are kicking up a rooster tail of sand, and I think we got enough distance from the crash site” spoke Nomad. Looking a head as the hover jeep slowed down, Nomad thought he seen something along the small lines of hills. Tapping Remus on the shoulder, Nomad pointed in the direction to dead.

“Damn Nomad, you got some luck finding this cave, I would never have seen it” spoke Remus. Looking into the very large cave that was cool during the hot day, was a Taranis Class Interceptor. “According to Sam, he says it’s ready to go and even has faction mods that it will fly like a bat out of hell”.

Nomad oversaw getting Greeny into the small 1 person med bay where Oyzon began some stabilizing procedures. Then he checked with Sam, one of Greeny’s engineers who was in the lifeboat. Sam looking up from his work, “ We can lift anytime you’re ready to enter the pod. The ship is in mint condition, all is in good order”. Thanking the engineer, Nomad grabbed a can of paint & brush and left engineering.

Standing outside the Taranis, Nomad looked at his handy work, thinking to himself, you never fly a ship without a name. He thought Bug ™ was a good as any name for the ship.

Feeling the ship coming to life around him Nomad became one with the Bug ™. It was always a feeling of becoming a alive when one merged with his ship. The feel of the sensors being like the eyes and ears, the weapons being like the strength of ones own power and the thrust of its engines as legs are to a man. With that Nomad activated the grav engine to hover and retracted the landing gear, then used the maneuvering jets to bring the Bug ™ into the light of day.
With a thought the ceptor was rocketing for sky, then Nomad sent the message.

Tad, receiving the message jumped his fleet into 5i08-U and burned to the 1st planet. Gaogan hearing the message passed word to his fleet to prepare as well. As Tads fleet finished there warp, the enemy raiders seeing a smaller fleet began to burn toward them. Then Theo pushed a button and the area space broke into blue static electricity as the Cap fleet jumped into system. Faridah’s dread began to pour liquid fire into the first battleship as Kai’Ckul, Fire Elf and Lacey unleashed the fighters from there carriers. Then came Gaogan’s baby, his brand new SOSLT Flagship, the Nyx super-carrier that unleashed the fighter-bombers into the enemy.

Soaring the upper stratosphere, Nomads sensors picked up 2 Crow interceptors closing on him. IN his pod, Nomad smile to himself. Making a hard bank on a 0.10 ISK piece Nomad turned the Bug ™ to face the on rushing Crows. The 1st crow never new what hit him as the light blaster cannons shredded the crow. Being in the atmosphere, the ship broke up immediately where in space it may have had a chance, but the speed of the ship added to it destruction. The 2nd pilot banked hard to the right and Nomad turned back to space.

The space battle was awesome as the carnage was taking it toll on the unknown raider’s fleet, when they broke ranks and ran. Nomad seeing Gaogan’s baby headed directly to the corp hanger. “Gao, have the med teams waiting, and we can pop out once we clear the hanger doors” spoke Nomad into his comms.

When Gaogan seen that the ship docked, jumped back to KBP, the rest of the capital ships followed suit. Thinking to himself, Gao wondered where Nomad got the Taranis. Tad then lead his fleet to the jump bridge to see if they could affect repairs to the malfunctioning link to KBP.

Epilogue, “ I love my view Yawg, one of the best of the stations. I am glad that Greeny will be ok and I love these case of cola he got me, it hits the spot just right”. Yawg could only agree with Nomad as they sat in the observation area off Nomads apartment.
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