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Mebrithiel Ju'wien

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 11:46 am    Post subject: The Escort Reply with quote

Part 1: Location, location, location.

Y-4U62 VIII - Moon 2 - True Creations Shipyard
SB3-IH Constellation

"Goddamn Burn Eden!"

Accompanied by a grunt as the teenage looking girl landed another kick into the crotch of a a Amarr slave-engineer, to the cringes of the others working beside and around him.

"Of all the hell-holes they had to find to hang out in, why they hell did they pick mine?!"

The second kick forced the man to the ground and this time his compatriots picked him up and dragged him out of the dangerzone. This just enraged the girl even more and she picked up one of the smaller tools lying on the maintenance deck and threw it after the retreating three. Mebrithiel Ju'wien then fumed once more before throwing down the maintenance report and storming off out the bay to her quarters.


The dots of light danced before her eyes. Using her neural uplink, she manipulated the holo-projection of the New Eden cluster, dancing in and out at a rate faster than many experienced navigators could handle. She didn't really think about it too much, but Mebrithiel knew where her skills were: Navigating the cluster had been a skill she practiced in conversation with her peers and could almost do in her sleep.

The stars changed colour and intensity in time with her rythmic switching between different parameters - jump clone locations she knew about were already outlined and webbed, but using data-relays, she could work out where she had to get to and the quickest way of getting established assets into place to be useful.

She also correlated the quickest path between her established 'Empire' based jump-clones and the most efficient empire location required to work on her most desired of goals.

Her security status.

Meb grimaced as she contemplated the large amount of work she still had to do to bow down to Concords restrictions and, as much as she resented the idea, she quite missed high-security space. More importantly though, she wanted to rejoin her corporation who were operating in high-sec space.

She needed a contingent plan to operate with when situations like this occured. Burn Eden were a corporation she respected, but that was mostly due to their operational parameters of killing everything on sight in the easiest way possible. Meb admired that, but she didn't want to be the target, which meant that undocking in Stain while Burn Eden were in the solar system was a non-sequiter.

She had a backup plan. Another system not far away offered a good alternative, but that system had been occupied for the last few weeks by local petty bandit-kings - the kind Stain attracted like Oursulaert attracted fedos. This left her with an unlikely proposition of shaving tiny slivers off her outlaw status by selling her killing skills to whatever agent would still touch someone of her background and affiliations. Thankfully, the Khanid Kingdom had no qualms and Mebs connections could almost get her into bed with Jamyl Sarum.

Well, in Mebs dreams they did.

The plan was set, all she needed was to jump-clone to her relatively well augmented clone in Gayar in Genesis, hop into her Hawk class assault-frigate waiting for her and fly through about thirty jumps of low-sec with the possibility of being shot on sight by anyone who wanted to.

Oh and Sazilid - the one 0.5 system on the route.

Mebrithiel tapped her black nail on her lower teeth before shutting down the holo-map and walking off to the Medical Facilities on the station.

"But here is the smell of the blood still and all the perfumes of Khanid will not sweeten this little rose"

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Ashar Kor-Azor

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 1:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I r PM comments to you soons.
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