An IG Christmas Tale

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An IG Christmas Tale
(A Bloodthirster in the Belfry)

Major, Major Cassias, the Captain would like you on the bridge. The Captain says he has an important message to share with you, Ma’am,” spoke the Imperial Petty Officer. Turing from her view out the observation blister, Major Elisa Cassias looked at the nervous Petty Officer.
It is not often that an Imperial sailor or solider sets there eyes on a former Sister of Battle. Or it could be her height of six foot, well proportioned, with the shock of flaming red hair with the dark green eyes. But maybe she
thought as she strode past him, he was just a lecher that must be it she thought. As she passed him Major Cassias backhanded the nervous Petty Officer into the bulkhead.

Upon the great bridge of the IMS Redemption, a Vengeance Class Grand Cruiser built in the latter days following the Heresy. Captain Rasha was a few hundred years old and kept alive by courtesy of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Now immobile upon his pulpit to command and feel the ship under him. Captain Rasha did not hear Major Cassias as she approached or spoke to him. Realizing his mistake, the Captain closed his eyes as if he was communing with the ship to not look like he was tardy in thought.

”Ahem, Captain you requested my presence” asked Major Cassias. “Yes Major I did, you regiment of misfits has a mission that came in from fleet sector HQ. It seems the planet Nativity has been under attacks by the followers of Khorne. The governor has requested aid from the Imperial Guard. There is an Adeptus Mechancus compound located at the northern polar region. Your regiment is to land an assume positions to defend the compound. “Oh, and by the way stop putting my sailor’s in the Sickbay”.

On the surface of the planet Nativity, the Navy landers were disgorging the equipment of the 21st regiment. As Major Cassias watched as the equipment was being unloaded and her troops were moving to staging areas. A sleigh being pulled by brown creatures, with horns on there heads in bright harness of green and gold being driven by what looked like a Ratling in a green uniform with red and white striped undershirt pulled up next to her. “Are you Major Cassias”, asked the Ratling? “The Arch-Magos Claus would like to speak with you ma’am.” Turing to look at the Ratling, Major Cassias held back the revulsion she felt, it was still hard to accept Ratlings and Orygns from her former training as a Sister of Battle. “Yes I am why do you ask?”

Not one to be intimidated, the Ratling looked back to her, “Ma’am please accompany me the Arch-Magos wishes to speak with you on the defenses.” Getting into the sleigh, it felt comfortable and warm with a hint of ginger, something she had not smelled since her days in the Scholaria Programia when the holidays would come around and the instructors would allow festive partying and celebration. It brought back memories of a tree, presents and the other students she was with. Not realizing it she was outside a building that was only a single story structure with a few out buildings.

Standing in the doorway was a fat gentleman, whose belly was jiggling as he was laughing from some unknown joke that was being told to him by a Ratling. He had snow-white hair, beard, rosy cheeks and piercing bright blue eyes. “Ah Major, welcome to Nativity, I hope the cold is not bothering your warm weather troops. If so we have additional cold weather gear. We have plenty of equipment to supply your regiment”.

Caught off guard, Major Cassias stuttered and caught herself. “Uh Arch-Magos Claus we could”, before she could finish the Arch-Magos started in. “We have plenty of supplies for Imperial Guard here, especially cold weather gear. We manufacture much of it here underground. There are weapons, power packs, what ever you need, please Major follow me. Oh, and please call me Claus, Arch-Magos is so formal”.

With that Major Cassias followed the jolly fellow inside. There was a fire burning insides, and rows of tables with Ratlings at work making toys, she stopped to look and saw Ratling making toys, other Ratlings wrapping and loading containers with what looked like presents. “Major we also make toys here besides weapons, the weapons and stuff came as a side line from the toy business” spoke Claus to her. Passing mounds of presents and wrapping paper, the walked over to a lift an entered. With a push of a button, the lift took them many stories underground. Walking out onto a balcony, as far as the eye could see, was assembly lines producing lasguns, power packs, autocannons, and related items of war. Off to the side was rows of Chimera, Leman Russ tanks, Basilisks and other equipment.

Once again before she could say anything Claus beat her to it, “I understand your regiment has recently be reconstituted from seven different regiments and you are under strength on equipment and supplies. Well being a part of the Departmento Munitorum it is with in my will to resupply your regiment”. Placing up his hand to forestall any words Claus added, also please take this as a token, as from nowhere he handed an ornate power sword to Major Cassis.

”This weapon is master crafted and thrice blessed it will serve you well when the Grinches come to attack in two days. Now I got things to do and you have defense to organize”. With that Claus left her standing with her jaw hanging.

”Major, the defense are laid in, the artillery is set and the surprise are set:, spoke Captain Greenlee her executive officer and the commanding officer of the Catachan Green Devils assault company. Sometimes she had thoughts of what it would be like to couple with the tall ebony skinned Captain, wondering what the bald head and mustache would feel like. The glasses made him look scholarly but she knew he was a hardened officer and a good XO. The Steel Legion and the Attilan’s are in position to move when needed. The drop troops are standing by at the Mechanicus outpost. We have the 3 companies of Arcadians in the town with my own Green Devils supplementing them. The artillery is dug in and ready to fire as ordered. But the Tallarn are also complaining that it is cold for them”. Major Cassis looking at her XO, “If that is all that is happening we are doing well then. Cold, huh, they will get warm when the
fighting starts”.

”Ma”am, the horde has broken through the outer defense, they troops report a Bloodthirster in the belfry of the church”, spoke the comms officer. “Order the counterattack, have the pincers close and tell the drop troops to come in. The trap is now sprung. Sgt, looking at the team next to her, help me with my equipment. I shall not let a Bloodthirster deface the church of the Emperor with his foul taint,” yelled Major Cassis. Stripping off the cloak she was wearing, Major Cassis was wearing her old armor from when she served as a Sister of Battle. An Enginseer with two servitors brought forth a bulky jet pack that they proceeded to strap to the back of Major Cassis.

On a jet of flame, Major Cassis blasted off in the direction of the belfry. Knowing in her heart that to take out the Bloodthirster, would break the attack of the Grinches. With the new power sword in her left hand and her bolt pistol in her right, Major Cassis flew into her destiny. Feeling, pain, told her she was still alive, pain was good. Major Cassis started moving toes, then her legs, her fingers and arms. This was good everything was still attached and not missing.

Hovering over her with white light behind him stood Claus. “How are you feeling Major? You took a nasty hit there in the end. Your Hail Mary attack took the fight out of them after you killed the Bloodthirster, too bad though a renegade rocket team shot you down.

Your men say you shined like an angel wielding the sword I gave you. Every hit glowed and you were surrounded with energy. They say you were very awesome. I knew you would be little one. You broke the Grinches when you killed the Bloodthirster. The Imperium and I owe you much. You lost some men and others were wounded but rest be assured all will be fine. Now rest and have a Merry Christmas” spoke Claus to her as she feel asleep, and began to dream of fires, trees with ornaments, warm drinks and friends, always with friends.

Merry Christmas
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