Chapter 9: Deferment

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 17, 2008 6:21 pm    Post subject: Chapter 9: Deferment Reply with quote

Sakoda Family Residence
Manisugero near Lex Talionis, New Caldari Prime
July 9, 101 YC

“Dad, for shit’s sake, cut it out!”

Clearly Takeshi Sakoda was not well. He looked exhausted, as he always did when he was drunk, and was on the verge of tears. The porcelain lamp already lay next to his feet, shattered into multiple pieces. She was scared he would hurt himself.

The sloppily shaven Deteis man looked at his daughter almost with disdain.

Grumbling, he said, “and you, Kyoko… what good have you done but to bring this calamity upon our family?”

The young woman held her hands next to her waist, circling him slowly at a safe distance. He’d used this delusional excuse before, pinning the agony of losing his wife on his only daughter. To her it seemed irrational: she hadn’t anything to do with her mother’s death, physically or otherwise, and suffered a long scar on her arm to prove it. But no mind was more volatile than that of a drunk, and clearly Takeshi’s low blood sugar was making him irritable as well.

“What have I done!?” she parroted as raised her voice, shocked at the accusation that she was of no worth to the household. “I’ve done nothing but take care of you, and pamper you, and support you since she died! How dare you implicate me in mother’s death!”

CN Lieutenant Takeshi Sakoda, once-fighter pilot and veteran of numerous clashes with the Guristas cartel in the Okomon and Ihatalo constellations, fumed with rage. He rubbed his scratchy chin and took a couple steps forward.

“You… you made her absolutely miserable up until the day she died. You wouldn’t budge, no matter what she asked of you,” he roared, sadness and disappointment apparent in his voice. “She was afraid for you, Kyoko! She was afraid she would lose her only fucking child, and you denied the only thing she ever asked of you!”

Kyoko’s eyes were wide, her back almost against the wall as she stared with less confidence up at her spitting father. He placed his hands roughly on her shoulders.

“I can hear her spirit screaming, mourning for you. She knows what you’re going to do and she has no way of stopping it now.” Takeshi raised his voice again. “Except if you prove you have one ounce of respect for your poor mother!”

She felt herself shiver from top to bottom, her lips quivering.

“Dad…” she paused, not knowing how to face a man who was the manifestation of all of his wife’s concern and none of her temperance. “Mom knew it was all I ever wanted. She pleaded with me, not because she wasn’t proud, but because she didn’t want to see me go. That’s not her spirit talking to you. I can smell the alcohol on your breath.”

At that, Takeshi took an unbalanced step back, gritting his teeth.

“How dare you insult my Yukiko!”

His fist came nearly all the way toward her face before she realized, but able to avoid the punch expertly – as he had taught her – she ducked clear under his arm.

She stood up, digging her fingernails into her own palm and clenching her fist. She struck back with a grunt, abnormally hard, and watched as he tumbled, falling to the hardwood floor with a crash.

Taking a deep breath, she looked down at her stricken father, noticing the tears that started to flood over his face. Looking like a schoolyard bully who had gotten a taste of his own medicine, he sobbed as Kyoko took in a gasp of air.

“Oh gods, dad!” she exclaimed.

Kyoko leaned down beside her father, placing one hand behind his head, noting the warm sensation of crimson as it trickled down her fingers. She pressed the red button on the cell clipped to her belt, notifying the nearby emergency services. First making sure that his skull was not affected, she sighed relief as her opposite arm came over his chest, sharing in the tears.

“It’s okay,” she whispered with a sob. “I’ll put it off. Don’t you worry about a thing. I’ll stay, and be strong for both of us.”
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