Waking to the Sound of a Synthesizer...

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Miara Saionji

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 11:25 pm    Post subject: Waking to the Sound of a Synthesizer... Reply with quote

“The time now is 11:40 EST.”

Miara twisted around between the sheets, groggily acknowledging the sound she was dreading to hear, since she’d had very little sleep the last few days. She’d managed to oversleep already by over three hours, somehow – since this message would have been announcing itself every two minutes since 8:30. She just wanted to slip back into sleep, shut off the damn alarm message and lie there for however much longer her body was asking for. However, it wasn’t to be.

She readjusted the strap on her bra, and slid on a dark green bathrobe, moving towards the kitchen in search of some food... ouch. Bending downwards, she looked at the floor, noticing a broken glass, and a small shard that had managed to slip into the side of her foot, spoiling the otherwise perfect skin, which then started to slowly drip blood onto the carpet.

How the fuck did that get there… she thought to herself, slightly annoyed, and wincing on her way over to the nearby chair, in order to pry out the small transparent splinter. Slumping down onto the chair, she soon took out the small sliver, and placed it on the table to the side. She then pressed a cloth to the side of it, in order to stem the flow. Since the cut was so small, she waited only about three or four minutes, and then grabbed a microtractor in order to gather up the offending article left on the floor. A few moments later, and the carpet was clear too.

Back to the food, it was, after all, what she needed to get through the beginning part of her day. There was very little morning left, so she decided on some toast, a glass of orange juice, and some cheese, and sat in front of the screen at the desk in her room. There weren’t any new messages waiting for her on the system, as she thought. She munched slowly on the cheese while looking through the markets, checking for anything that could be useful to either herself or her co-workers, but nothing interesting was coming up. Slow day, it seemed, and it had only just begun for her. Hopefully this wasn’t going to be the entire course of the day.

She quickly sent out a brief message to Kyoko:

“I’m free this afternoon, so maybe you could prepare some of that tea you gave me before?

Miara x”

Looking over towards the door to the bathroom, she noticed her clothes strewn in a hazily-drawn line up to the shower cubicle, each item of clothing a couple of feet from the other, leading up to it. Last night was fun, and would definitely have to be repeated, or at least varied upon in the near future. There were lots of possibilities with two people in the bathroom, even just in the shower. Unfortunately, her boyfriend had to leave before they’d had a chance to settle down and sleep, which was regrettable, so as soon as they got out of the shower, and dried off for the most part, he had to put his clothes back on and leave due to some urgent business. Miara sighed, thinking about this, knowing both that this was a necessary part of his job, and also that she would also be slightly unhappy every time this happened, though she knew it wasn’t his fault. She had returned to bed, putting on some fresh underwear before doing so.

She reached down to touch the recent wound on her foot, which was ever so slight in appearance and feel. It didn’t seem to make a whole lot of difference, yet, in comparison to the silky-smooth heel on her other foot, it was ragged. She chose to walk on it a bit, to make sure that she would be able to spend hours walking around tomorrow. Her apartment wasn’t the biggest of places to walk around, but it was private, and so if she started cursing in pain, she’d be the only one to notice.

Her mind wandered. A kiss landed on her cheek. Soft, yet dry lips, possibly due to walking around in the cold on the surface of the planet the station was orbiting. She reciprocated with a kiss of her own, placed upon the person’s neck. She slid her hands down the person’s bare chest, fingertips finding all the different marking that made the person very unique – the age-old battle scars, some of which were ugly in themselves, but added to the overall attractiveness of the figure who she was in contact with. This was a couple of weeks ago, she remembered now.

Bringing herself back into the world, she brushed her shoulder with the back of her hand, and then used her hands to file through the errant strands of hair dangling around, resting on the top of her robe, making it slightly tidier. She looked at her reflection, thinking back to the time in the clone chamber just over a month ago, and then further back to her time at the Palermo Center. She loved being back as her natural self – the Deteis (and to a lesser extent, the Amarr) clone design was beautiful, she had chosen them to keep an essence of her personality intact – but she much preferred how she was once more.

She brought up the mail system again, and sent a message over to her boyfriend:

“Last night was great fun, I only wish it could’ve lasted longer, though I know you had to be elsewhere.

Maybe we should go somewhere tonight? Where would you like to go? Let me know what you want to do.


She turned away from the desk at that point, and made her way back towards the bedroom to find something to wear for the day.
Miara Saionji
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