Prologue: Mongrel

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 6:22 am    Post subject: Prologue: Mongrel Reply with quote

Black, grey, and a tinge of red Ė thatís all I can remember. They came at me without warning. Iíve been cloned so many times now that the memory is less than vivid, but the anguish I felt still burns through my skin whenever I have a moment to remember. It was the first time Iíd ever been really, truly scared, frightened beyond the ability to take action. Of course, thereís not much one can do when theyíre lying on the concrete, half-paralyzed and in a daze. Like I said, I donít remember exactly where I was and how it came about, just the color of the night and the crimson spilling over my blouse.

What? Oh, this? Itís just something thatíll help me get through the rest of our conversation. Donít think too much of it. I am not my habit. You wanted to hear this, so shut up and let me finish.

We Caldari arenít supposed to be xenophobic as such, but people want order. We lean toward what we know, because itís safe. We like to categorize things. If we canít do that so easily then we either ignore it Ė the healthy choice Ė or fix up an excuse to forcibly slot it somewhere. Sometimes neither is possible, and well, the more obsessive among us vent their frustration in that situation.

In a way it is understandable. Outsiders had desecrated the homeworld. That heist threw an entire planet into a state of paranoia and distrust. To their credit, the Navy controlled the situation quite well, but I donít think for one second that I would have still been assaulted had that incident never occurred. Anger and sorrow and paranoia, all culminating in the thrust of a fist. I certainly didnít think I was doing anything wrong by simply existing. Who knows, maybe those bastards have changed their minds sometime in the past decade. Maybe they know now that their fear was unreasonable. But it scared the shit out of me, and Iíve not dared to go back since.

Why? Reason is I just havenít cared. Not the same way I used to. Why try to further understand your heritage if it has been made abundantly clear to you that your differences are looked upon with suspicion? I went back to what I knew, because it was safe. I had always lived a Deteisí life. Sure, Iím a rare specimen, being half-Achur, and maybe itís rarer still that Iíd fall victim to that kind of hate, but itís not like these were the only guys on the planet that would have thought ill of me. Yeah, I think there were two of them. In a way, I should consider myself lucky they feared me so much. It could have turned into something much worse than a few blows to the head and abdomen.

No wonder she was suddenly so protective of me, huh? Mom never even bothered to visit family again, unless they would come to her.

Theyíve come a long way in the last decade, and the panic was short-lived so thereís no real reason why I canít visit again. After all, I am a capsuleer. Plus, with three years of combat experience under my belt now, Iíd like to meet someone stupid enough to try it. Of course, I donít think ill of the Achur people. Iím realistic enough to judge people individually, and I believe the general populace is too. One day Iíll go back, because Iím proud of what I am.

A mongrel, to say the least.
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