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PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:18 am    Post subject: [CLOSED] Application - TekaPos Reply with quote

Character name (if slightly different than your forum name).

Player's age.

Timezone and hours you are available.
EST .. Available several weekday evenings and on weekends

Current security rating.

How many skillpoints does your character have? Break them down by category or give us a brief overview of what you've trained as well.

What ships do you fly?
Gallente ships.
capital ships.. dread.. etc...

Are you self-sufficent?

Are you interested in roleplay?
Not sure. Don't mind some. I certainly agree with your statement that "that everything you do in EVE is technically roleplay" .. At the end of the day.. It's a game.

Please list some notable previous corporations you've been in. Some personal player history is also helpful here. Killboard links and videos if you got them, too.
Expeto Libertas
Ex Nihilo

Under what circumstances did you leave (or why do you currently want to leave) the aforementioned corp(s)?
You come highly recommended by my former Alliance CEO CalvinHobbes. As well, I am seeking new avenues within EVE and believe the most enjoyment will come from the 0.0 experience.

Out of all the corporations you've looked at, do you believe Omerta Syndicate is the best one for you? If so, why? I believe that I'm going to be able to contribute to the corp and draw from your players experience as well. I understand it's a team environment and that's what I'm looking for.. Besides the wisecracks and banter. Wink

Do you have a microphone and the ability to use Ventrilo and Teamspeak?

Are you willing to follow orders from fleet command unquestioningly and with immediacy? Yes

Do you have any experience leading gangs, and would you take the initiative to start a roaming gang should nothing else be going on? Maybe not to begin with but I believe that would come very quickly.

Please list any current members you can use as a referral.
Not a current member but i encourage you to speak with CalvinHobbes of ELF.. He is responsible for my enjoyment of the game and a personal friend in RL.
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