Egress Point D4KU

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In the shallower waters of Fountain a small Omerta Syndicate squadron slipped quietly through warp, nervously watching their scanners. The ships were the personal entourage of an Omertan Arata, hauling important assets out of their home system in accordance with alliance directives. A fleet broadcast noiselessly announced their destination; the Hophib system in Amarrian territory. The ships were clearly showing the scars of their hasty retreat.

As they fell out of warp at the next stargate the squadron commander repeated orders that he felt he had issued a thousand times on this monotonous journey. The Arata moved his Dominix class support battleship closer to the all important industrial ship captained by his logistics intern, as the battlecruiser escorting them jumped through to the next system.

The mercenary captain, hired to bolster the Guristas loyalist's capabilities and coverage, reported back all clear. With a loud noise and bright flash he was soon joined by the other two ships. There was not far to go now, safe haven and time off beckoned the captains forwards; although they dared not let their guard down. Slowly the Badger Mk.II brought it's engines to full power and once more the squadron entered warp.

Once at the gate there was no need to follow protocall, the next system was well scouted and help would not be far away. As their systems readjusted following the jump through the stargate the captains took a moment to scan the system. All around were the signatures of allied vessels. Some were standing by for clearance to harras the fleets that were dismantling their starbase network, some patrolled the system warily watching for hostiles and many more were also shipping equipment to safer stations.

Their final warp was a sombre affair, captains and crew alike reflecting on loosing their home. But these were men and women of Omerta Syndicate, their only true home was the family and that could never be broken or taken away. Leaving warp and approaching the last gate lights from a patrol ship illuminated the side of the Caldari industrial, a parting message stenciled in red:
"It is dastardly and contemptible in a wounded man to betray the name of his assailant, because if he recovers, he must naturally expect to take vengeance himself.".

The ships blinked into Amarrian space and safety, every last soul on board relieved to be clear from danger. As the squadron was pulled into the stations docking bay the commanders last transmission echoed within it's hulls;

"Egress point D4KU passed..."
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